Monday, May 01, 2006

Saline Pictures Part 1

Yes, another series of pictures, but after this week we will be all caught up. YAY! These Saline pictures were all taken Easter weekend and the week following Easter.

Tucker (my brother for those of you who don't know) had a track meet, so we went in a little earlier on Easter weekend for that. Here is a shot of us there...Joel, Mama ("Granny" to the kids), the kids, Aunt Cheryl, and Uncle Vernon.

Grady and his new friend, Molly. They ran and ran...Molly was great and also acted as "babysitter"...keeping Grady and Hadley completely entertained for a while.

Tucker (in orange) at the start of his race, with Joel (in white cap) and Grady looking on down at the fence.

Cheerio chin.

Tucker, a.k.a. Track Star, and Grady.

This is a VERY zoomed in shot of Papaw and the kids...he took them down to the pasture across the road from the house so they could see the horses, esp. the new colt that had just been born. This picture was taken from the front porch of the house.

Papaw (my Daddy) and the kids after the visit to the horses.

One of Grady's favorite things to do...and quickly becoming one of Hadley's favorite things too...riding the Mule. Here they are coming in to park after a nice long ride.

Not real sure what's going on here, or why the butt grab. He stood like this for a while, watching whatever was on T.V. at the time. We didn't bother him for an explanation, but instead grabbed the camera for a quick documentation.

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Kirstin Trueblood said...

Michawn, I think you need to post some of the pictures we took of the kids at the wedding! There were some great ones of Grady in his little tux! Email me from whatever address you use now and I'll send some to you! You have the cutest kids ever!!