Monday, May 08, 2006

Back in Longview Pictures

Back in Longview after a great time in Saline, these pictures are all taken April 20th-29th. Enjoy.

Ahh...bedtime stories. Here they are, all piled up in Hadley's crib, engrossed in Daddy's storytelling.

Here we are in front of Papacita's in Longview. The kids are playing with Ernie and Trudy Williams...sort of like our (the kids') adopted grandparents here in Longview. Their family is so great. We love them. Grady is jumping to Ernie.

The kids are always very excited about going Hadley is showing it with her open mouth, screaming with glee.

Hadley being so cute, laying down playing with her dollhouse.

Brock and Auny came through town. They parked their truck at the exit, we went and got them and had lunch at our house, and then took them back. It was a really short visit...they were on a time crunch. But, it was great to see them as usual. For you who don't know, they travel full-time. Brock is a Christian illusionist and Auny his assistant. They have great blogs if you want to check them out: and Brock has become pretty big, touring with all sorts of great people, hosting all kinds of great shows. Recently he presented the Artist of the Year award at the Dove Awards. It's crazy...I grew up with that guy and knew him when he was driving the teardrop and working at Wal-Mart.

Hadley getting a taste of the big rig life.

There is a school right down the road from us. It is right next to a park...Broughton Park. They have a great playground there. This is the big jungle gym area there. After saying goodbye to Brock and Auny, we stopped by and played before going back home. Hadley is standing right there. Grady is somewhere amongst all the playground equipment and kids.

Joel pushing the kids around on the merry-go-round.

Daddy and Hadley having some sweet time on the merry-go-round.

They have a SUPER COOL water play area...just this big contraption (tripped by sensors) that started spraying out water when you went through. I guess the kids just know not to go through that thing while they are at school, but it would be awfully tempting to me if I were a student there. The kids had lots of fun though...Joel too.

We went to Hannah Graves' dress rehearsal for her dance recital. Hannah is the daughter of John and Nicole. She was my little flower girl in my wedding. Anyhow, here John is taking a picture with all of his "daughters"...he's been a big influence and spiritual father to us all while here in Longview. From left to right: Hadley (actually his first granddaughter), Anna Micolowsky, Melissa Spry (Terry now...this was taken 2 nights before her wedding), John, me, Tandra Anderud (Warnock as of March), and Hannah in her cute dancing uniform. As John said, I'm the only daughter so far that is carrying a diaper bag. :) The kids LOVED the dancing by the way...they were glued, with their mouths wide open.

We went to a great wedding on the 29th. Joe and Melissa (Spry) Terry got married. Here we are with them.

Here is little Elijah Sprayberry again. He doesn't like to really be without his Mom, but Joel was able to distract him and really get him to laughing was cute.

Fun dancing at the wedding. The dancing couples shown are Joe and Melissa, Jeremy and Sunni, O.L. and Anna, Henry and Shirley, and Pastor Gary and Linda.

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