Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Saline Pictures Part 2

On Saturday, there was an Easter egg hunt at one of the local Saline churches, Magnolia...some of my family goes there. We went and the kids had a great time. These are all pictures from that day.

While some of the adults hid Easter eggs, Amanda (married to my 1st cousin) led the kids in making Resurrection cookies. Here Grady is getting his turn in mixing. In the background is Kiley, her mom Jessica, and Eli (Amanda's 2nd son) entertaining Hadley (who is being held by Mama).

Time to hunt Easter eggs. My aunt teaches Pre-K at Saline...the Easter egg hunt was on her Pre-K playground area.

The basket Grady is using was Mama's basket when she was a little girl...pretty sturdy basket I'd say...I used it too.

Enjoying the hunt.

"Hmm, I thought you could eat eggs."

The kids with Kiley. Kiley is my 1st cousin, so the kids' 2nd cousin (depending on what part of the country you are from and how you calculate cousin relations). Her little sister, Skylar, had fever that morning and couldn't come. They are going to have a little brother in the next month or so...Shane Dawson.

Grady's done...time to play.

Granny and Hadley headed back to the church.

They had lunch and snacks there at the church after the hunt. Fun stuff.

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