Friday, October 31, 2008


You know, it's been a few years since I've watched TV consistently. Even when we still lived in the states, we rarely had TV capabilities. When we did, we watched things like Survivor, The Apprentice, and ER (that was around 2005...good times...I loved Thursdays).

Right after McCain chose Palin, I started watching clips from various sites. Maybe it's only because it's been so long since I've actually been exposed to much news, but I am literally APPALLED at what we've termed our mainstream media. Is this for real?!?! Seriously...what in the world?

Here is a very interesting article I read a few days ago about just that...and it's even on the ABC news site.

This next clip is from one of the first clips on the site that I saw a month or 2 ago. I was just sitting here with my jaw dropped listening to them. I know that Rachel Maddow is considered a news 'commentator' and therefore given more license to have biases and really give her opinions. It's just unfortunate that many people probably choose that show and others like them to be their primary source of news. The disrespect shown in this clip was seriously astounding to me. Unfortunately, the other shows (with the real 'journalists' and not just the 'commentators') are not much better. Even Tom Brokaw, who I really like and respect, has followed suit, making clear his opinions, even if only in the subtle disguise of condescendence, in some of the interviews I've seen him in. Especially in this next clip, it becomes not just a question of whether or not a newsperson can be a credible, unbiased source of information, but also a question of whether or not there are any respectful people still left on TV? So what if you don't agree...let's be nice.

Didn't their mothers teach them that if-you-can't-say-something-nice-don't-say-anything-at-all thing?

Here is another GREAT find about just this very thing. Words are SO VERY POWERFUL.

Then, here's how Newt feels about it. He doesn't beat around the bush.

Finally, something to lighten your mood a bit maybe. This CRACKED ME UP!! Oh how I loved to see the surprise here. With all the butt-kissing they're so used to with the press, I'm sure he was really waylaid by this. Crazy to see his reaction...and for him to see how it must feel to be Sarah Palin EVERY TIME she talks to the MSM.

On a personal note, today is the day we are moving. Keep us in your prayers.

And don't forget to vote...for MCCAIN/PALIN!! ;)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a Few More Days of My Political Rantings...Aren't You Glad? :)

That has to be the longest blog title I've ever used. :) But, go here, here, and here for some really good thoughts on this hea (don't know quite how to spell it, but that's 'this here' in Southern...said very nasally) election.

P.S. Our kids are still just as beautiful and fun as ever. Stay tuned for more pictures and stories post-election. ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WHAT Is WRONG With Me?!?

Seriously, I'm not quite sure myself. :) I've never been into a campaign or politics in general as much as I am into this one...not even close. But, I truly think it's different this time...on many levels. One point is that there is just an extreme difference in the 2 candidates I think. EXTREME.

I will definitely be voting for McCain if you haven't already gathered that (well, actually already have...absentee voting). Obama...seriously he frightens me. The extreme views he has, the associations he's had, etc. It all just equals up to scary. (Update: Felt the need to add a clarification. I'm sure some might be tempted to leave a comment addressing this. What I'm talking about is not a 'scary' as in I've forgotten that God is merciful and completely in control and bigger than anyone or anything there is and ever will be. I'm not 'walking in fear' ok? That said, the things that could happen under Obama's leadership...scary.)

Check out this site. It's a GREAT sum-up of ALL the issues and where Obama stands (complete with many video clips of Obama stating these things himself)...and why his name should be avoided on your ballot. Seriously, I've never, ever even considered trying to persuade someone to vote for a particular person...never. But, this time it's more serious.

And here's the follow-up article to the last article link I posted on here. Really, really thoughtful and insightful. Please read it if you are at all undecided, or thinking of voting for a 3rd party candidate.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

PLEASE Read This

Oh man, so much to say about this upcoming election. SO MUCH. I want to just spill my guts on here about it, but I just don't have the time to do it right now. But, I do want to say that I feel like this is SUCH an important election. I really do. Never before have I felt that I've said, so not super political here. There are many things that I don't even understand about how our political system works. But, I do understand life and the importance of it.

There are/were so many things that I have been wanting to point you to on this blog...other blogger' posts, videos online that I've watched, interviews I've seen, etc. A-mazing all the information out there. Incredible to watch it all (from all different perspectives and slants). But, I saw this tonight and wanted to share it with you. I probably won't get a chance to share all the other things that I wrote in my head concerning this issue. But, this will is long, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read it in its entirety.

This is SO VERY IMPORTANT. Please go vote on Nov. 4th...and please vote for life.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Place To Live

We found one.

O.K., a recap for everyone who can't keep up with us. :)

We moved into this house on a seminary campus July 2007. After moving so much, we were so grateful to know that we'd be here for a full year, until July 2008. Well, then the owners of this house decided that they were going to stay for a little longer in the states (they are missionaries on furlough), so we then had until November 2008 to stay here, although we thought we might be leaving in July, therefore we thought we might not even need it. Well, turns out that then (back in June) we were asked by our mission to stay here in this city for an additional year (until July 2009). Hmmm...ooopsies, we only had this house until November. Now what would we do?

So...meanwhile, another couple (our friends who live 2 doors down) here at the seminary (they both teach here) were contemplating a move. They were accepted at new jobs in another city and state, found out for sure in August, and recommended to the college (and their mission who actually owns their house) that they let us live there. Perfect. It worked out and everyone agreed that would be lovely, us included (love their house). The only glitch? They will be in their house until mid-December. We have to leave this one by the 1st of November. Yes...the math doesn't work out, does it? Looks like we are nomads once again...what to do for a weird 6-week time period?

Well, there was a little apartment here on campus that was a possibility, but when we looked at it...well, let's just say it was a no go for multiple reasons. We aren't super picky and we can make anything work, esp. for a temporary amount of time, but we are glad that something else opened up. What opened up you ask? Let me tell you.

There is a couple (Leandro and Gabi) that is associated with Asas (actually, there story is that they came to Asas, trained for years, and then just never ever were able to raise the support needed to go to the, they were forced to take a job in the work world, that is, they had to leave Asas; this is a big problem here in Brasil...more on that another time maybe). They have been living here in Anapolis for a little while, but needed to move to another state. They wanted to go ahead and go, but were locked in a contract and also didn't really want to move most of their belongings (the big stuff) until things were completely squared away where they are going. Hmmm...could this be the perfect setup for everyone, Joel thought.

Turns out, it was. The people that own this house that we are in now are so generously letting us use some space in their house to keep our stuff in (boxes, couches, beds, pots and pans, etc.) and we are going to move into Leandro and Gabi's apartment and use their stuff. We help them and they help us and all is made better in this weird set of circumstances.

We have guests arriving this Tuesday. They will leave the following Thursday and we will have a week left here in this house. Our two guests are a couple of guys that we met in Phoenix...we became fast friends and we are so very excited to see them again. They contacted us and just wanted to come down and encourage us, help and serve in any way they can. We're so grateful for them. One of the things they will be able to help us with specifically will be moving all of our big things into the room where we will be storing it. So, by the time they leave, we'll probably be basically camping out here in this house. Should be an interesting couple of weeks.

I'll be sporadic in blogging, that's for sure, if I blog at all. So, if you're wondering where I am, that's it...packing, moving, unpacking, settling in, etc. Keep us in your prayers during this whole transition process and also as we host our friends (so excited) and they serve/minister here. We have some really great things planned for them so far. Should be fun.

Be praying for me especially. Most of the time all of this is fine, although as I've said before, the grace is running out. But, I've been packing for the last several hours now. I just ran across the bag that has our kids' baby books in it...their basically untouched baby books. I realized that we've never even gotten Cass a baby book. And, another realization that came to me and made me very sad is that since we didn't have a baby book and since we don't even have a birth certificate or anything else that needed them, we never got footprints/handprints of her. Sure, we can get them now (now that she's 6 months old!), but it just makes me sad that we didn't get them of her as a newborn. Yes, it's time to settle down a bit...get somewhere, be done with all this nomad living for a while, slow down a bit. I pray it comes soon.

Have a great few weeks if you don't hear from me!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Eissa Has 2


In Portuguese they don't say "how old are you" they say "how many years do you have" (so there's the explanation for the title). Yes, Eissa is now 2 years old as of 9:29 this morning, central standard time (you can read her birth story here and here if you are interested). Oh, she's a joy and keeps us laughing all the time. I've said before that she is definitely the comedian of the family and that still holds true. She's funny, but also very, very caring. She watches out for her big brother and sister...if she gets to do something (have a piece of gum, for instance, or when it's time to go outside to play), she always says, "Grady? Hadley?" It's sweet. But, she's also fine and dandy being all by herself. Although she very much loves her big brother and sister, she's not a tag-along sister in other words (most of the time she's not, that is)...she's very much her own person. It's fun to watch. Oh and the way she is with Cass...super, super sweet and cute. She will go up to her and say "Hey girl" in a sing-song way and just play with her and rub her little face. She is very, very caring with Cass. It's so sweet.

She's talking bunches and really putting things together...reasoning things out and such. She is obsessed with her flip-flops...yes, the mismatched ones. When she wakes up, the first thing she says when we go in is "bip-bops?" Her laugh is SO great...a really deep belly laugh. Love it.

Love, love, love our little 2 year old!! So thankful to have you with us, Eissa...healthy and happy and loving life!

This was the first picture taken of Eissa this morning. I told her to smile. This was the result. I had to tame the VERY curly hair she has here for the pictures at the beginning of this post. Her has a personality of its own. :) Fun, fun girl.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Header Photo

I just got a request from Aimee in the comments of the last post. It is super quick and super easy (most requests aren't...don't get me wrong, not that I don't love requests, but they are just usually not this simple), therefore I thought I'd just go ahead and do it really quickly.

By the way Aimee...thanks lots. And, "Really?" is what I'd say to your comment. I personally always ooh and ahh over your headers. :) Thanks again.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Friday Night Fun

These clips were taken in September. I remember Jared (my brother) and me wrestling around like this, getting so tickled and laughing non-stop in the afternoons at Granny's, after our programs of course...either Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo, everyone (Jared, Jeffery, Ariel) else's pick, or Little House on the Prairie (sometimes the Waltons) which was my pick (we alternated turns; whoever's turn it was would get to rub it in on the bus on the way to Granny's)...then Happy Days reruns that came on at 5:00. We'd start rolling around on the living room floor during the commercials of Happy Days (Granny was always cooking in the kitchen) and then after Happy Days was over, we'd just wrestle and giggle without interruption...that is until Granddaddy walked in. At that point, silence was expected and we knew it. One must not interrupt the nightly news. :)

Ahh, memories. :)

And now...our kids making some memories of their own...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cass is Now 6 MONTHS OLD!!

Can you believe it? :) As of last Thursday, Sept. 25th, our littlest (yes, I know that's not a word) girl was half a year old.

Sunday we got some shots. One of the times we do pics is at 6 months of age. Darnit if they don't have a local Picture People (although that would be so great) here, so this just has to do. But, I want some help from y'all, O.K.? I want to know which one you think is her best shot (you might want to click on them to get the full effect of each)...which should be her official 6 month picture. These are just as is...obviously we could fix/alter some things (zoom, crop, put borders around, photoshop things out if need be - i.e. slobber on chin, although I don't even know if that's possible) get my drift. So, you might include those types of suggestions if you want.

Anyway, happy 1/2 a year to the sweetest 6 month old I know. LOVE YOU, CASS!!

Now, look them over and cast your vote!