Monday, February 04, 2013

The Kids - Part 3

Haven't blogged since last May?  Yeah...I know.  Really quickly, I plan to update you on where we are now in our lives, along with finally finishing all those birthday posts from last year and adding the ones from this year as they happen.  And lots of other things.  As you may have guessed...a ton has happened in the past 8 months. 

But first, today I wanted to update you on something very specific...something very dear to our hearts. 

Remember these sweet, beautiful kids?  Last February 17th, as we were celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary at one of our favorite restaurants in Brazil, we got a call about these kiddos.  We traveled to meet them the first weekend in March (you can read about it here...this should open in a new window and there are many more beautiful pictures of these kids and ours if you want to see...very worth it in my opinion :) these pictures).  God said no.  We had no idea why. We continued to pray for them...and for clear direction as to if it was a 'no for now' or a 'no forever,' waiting patiently to see what God would do.  We've thought of them constantly.  In every decision we've made about our future, it's been with the thoughts of 'OK, and if we have these kids at that point, ....'  I've been in touch with their social worker every month since we left them.  I talked to her in October, but really felt like I should just leave it after that, until I felt God urging me to contact her again.

Well, today was that day.  We talked about it all weekend...our future plans, them, etc. (and when I say 'we talked about it' I mean all of us talked about it, our kiddos included).  We felt like we had to be completely honest with them (the social worker) about our intentions this time when we contacted them...we couldn't just say 'so, how are the kids?' without giving them a reason why we were asking and still interested.  Basically, we were feeling like if they were still not adopted, that was our answer from God that we were the family for them.  We were honestly telling them in this email that that was actually still a possibility in our minds and hearts.  We had already met these beautiful, wonderful kids...we loved them, our kids loved them, we had spent the past year basically acting like they were a part of our family anyway.  Besides, they were finding *nobody* who was interested in adopting these older children...nobody.  They even entered the international adoption list...and nothing.  And God had put them before us...and they had stayed with us in our hearts.

Also, we were able to see reasons why God had said no at that particular time, giving us a chance to create a more stable environment for them to come into (for instance, God had not wanted us to subject them to being homeless with us here...not a very stable, comforting thing for children being adopted).  And we were able to see reasons why the answer might very definitely be 'yes' now (for instance, the fact that we have a house of our own now...and going back to Brazil soon...along with other things). 

So, we formulated an email very carefully.  We were excited, but cautious.  We knew God was leading us in that email, but at the same time, neither one of us could say with 100% certainty that they were supposed to be with us, no doubts.  We wanted them to be, but we didn't have 100% peace.  We were just taking the next step in obedience...then seeing where that led.  So, we sent it, and excitedly waited.  God had finally led us to take the next step. 

Within an hour, the social worker had replied. 

I excitedly took a deep breath, held it, and opened the email. 

It has happened.  They are now in the adoption process already.  They found their family.  And it's not us.

I'm so excited for them.  The social worker couldn't tell me any details...only that they are able to remain in Brazil and that they are very happy.  I SO hope that they were able to be kept together in the same home as well.  And, I really am excited for them.  Of course, we told them that if anything happens that this situation doesn't work out, to please notify us.  But, for their sake, I hope that everything goes off without one little hitch.  And I wish them complete and utter happiness for the rest of their lives...they deserve it. 

We just told the kids.  They were also not at 100% peace about it all...they *wanted* to give them a home and they LOVED those kids.  We spent 2 full fun days with them last March and they had a blast.  Grady loved the idea of having two brothers...and one even close in age.  But Grady and Hadley were both not completely thrilled about giving up their places as 1st and 2nd in the birth order.  They were willing to do it, but weren't thrilled.  That being said, with the news that the kids (that we've been talking about for a year now as a possible part of our family) were already being adopted by someone else came some sadness.  :(  There is some sadness from all of us.  But, we are all...

So happy for them...they finally have a family.  And we finally have our answer.  Those are both good things.  And we really are rejoicing in both of those things.  God knows and He cares for us all.  Will be interesting to see what the next phase in this area brings.  It's always an adventure.