Sunday, April 30, 2006

Front Yard Pictures

These are just a few pictures of our time here in Longview right after we got back from Dallas. I know I'm playing catch-up with all of these pictures, but I, of course, think it's worth it. After this, you will get pictures of our time in Saline/Easter and then of the last week or 2 since then...then we will be all caught up and my postings will be in real time. :) If you are looking at these, let me know what you think...and if you have any questions about us.

O.K., so this isn't in the front yard, but I thought it was a cute picture of Hadley and her little pigtails.

Grady was pushing Hadley around the yard on the tricycle. The next few are pictures of that.

Hadley loved it as you can see.

She always seems to have dirt on her face. :) My Granny says that my Mama was the same way. Granny says that she looks like Mama in other ways too...not just the dirty face. :) Grady must've been repairing the tricycle in some way...he is always "working" on something...he's constantly saying "I workin'." It's cute.

Daddy taking a turn at pushing. The kids were just going crazy laughing so hard.

A view from our front yard of our trees and our "castle." We got back from Dallas and everything was completely green again and the trees covered with leaves. When we had left they were still bare.

Another view...look at those gorgeous trees. After living in Phoenix for a time, you really notice a view like this. :)

This is the intersection of Noel and Aden of the views from our house. It's really pretty. We've been really fortunate to be able to live in this great place, even just for a short season.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dallas Pictures Part 6

The last of the Dallas pictures. We left Dallas and went to Granbury, which is southwest of Dallas. We hung out with Justin and Jen Sprayberry and their kiddos for a couple of days before we headed back to Longview. It was a fun time.

Elijah and Hadley playing. Elijah just does the army crawl all over the place. It's really funny. Seriously, he could probably make it through basic training with his skilled army crawl alone. :)

The neighbor's cat apparently spends most of his time over at the Sprayberry's, which the kids love. Grady and Hadley can't get enough of any kind of critter. Here they are showing it.

We went to play on the playground a mile or so down the road from where the Sprayberry's's part of their gated community. Here Grady is on the jungle gym.

Me pushing Hadley...she just squeals with laughter every time she gets pushed.

Joel swinging Hadley.

We walked down to the river after we'd played a good while on the playground. The river is right down from the playground. Grady wanted to go exploring. Here is Grady throwing rocks with Caleb.

Throwing rocks with Madison.

Grady's new favorite look. He actually doesn't make this face much, but I think it's really funny.

Grady and his recovering eye.

The swingset in the backyard was a hit. The Sprayberry's have a great backyard with lots for kids to do.

Hadley taking a turn on Caleb's bicycle. The kids loved playing with Caleb's and Madison's toys.

Justin and Jen have a little covered fountain in their backyard. The kids were "fishing."

Friday, April 28, 2006

Dallas Pictures Part 5

The 5th installment of Dallas pictures. Tomorrow should be the last Dallas pictures post. Hope you are all doing well. We are still here in Longview, waiting to sell our house. In the meantime, we are really getting the house in tip-top shape and spending some good quality time together and with family and friends. Keep praying for the house to sell...thanks.

While we were in Dallas, Grady slept on a halfway unfolded sofa bed (propped against the wall) and Hadley slept right next to that in a pack-n-play. Here they are wrestling around on the sofa bed right before bedtime. The next few pictures are of this tussling time...they always have a ton of fun together. Thought these pictures were cute.

Grady was playing one morning on my exercise ball there in the room. He was rolling on his belly on the ball and rolled over right into the window sill. His eye took a beating. He had a cut on the outside of his eye and then also a small one right in the middle of his eyelid. It could've been really bad, but was o.k., thank goodness. It bled for a good while, but then all that was left was our little boxer with a swollen, purple eye. Doesn't he look like he's been in the boxing ring?

Every now and then Hadley woke up from her nap a little early and started making noise that would wake Grady up. So, I would go get her and take her out...and she would go back to sleep on me. This was Joel's last day at school, so he was already home when this he got to hold the sleeping beauty...he liked it. She slept and slept...on his left shoulder, on his right shoulder, on his tummy. Here she is all sprawled out on his lap. :)

Another picture of the boxer.

Our last couple of days in Dallas, Joel was done with classes, so we decided to make it into a little mini-vacation. We started our vacation with a visit to IHOP of course...mmmmmmm. Outside IHOP were those dandelion seedheads that you can blow. The kids did this alot during our time in Dallas.

Here is Hadley running with her Dandelion seedhead.

As part of our little vacation, after IHOP, we went to the Galleria to let the kids play one last time on the playground there. In this picture we are looking down to the 2nd floor where there was a harpist playing along with an electric guitar player...classical type was really pretty.

There were dogs/cats in a section of the mall...a group was there trying to find homes for them. They were cute. The kids loved looking at them.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why No Pictures

I just wanted to let you all know that I am in Saline with the kiddos. We came here Thursday for Easter weekend, which was a fun time. Joel left this morning and will be studying/flying a WHOLE lot the next week or so. So, we decided that me and the kids would hang out here in Saline with the fam while he does that...that way I don't get bored stuck at the house without a car or people to hang out with...and, Joel gets tons more done without us to tempt him out of the time he needs to do flying/studying. So, we are just playing it by ear these days. We have no idea what is going on with the house or where we will be next week, much less next month or next year. It's kind of crazy, but really fun. We're totally enjoying it and learning alot of course. And, God continues to fill us in on things...that we will fill you in on as time goes on and we know more and more. It's all very exciting.

But, just wanted to let you know why I'm not posting the pictures like I said I would. I can only do that from our laptop, which is at our house. So, when I go back home, whenever that may be...probably this weekend (will be going back to Longview for at least Saturday to go to a wedding), I will shoot some off...all of the Dallas pictures and then pictures from this Easter weekend. So, be looking for TONS of pictures in the near future.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Airplanes and Elephants

I asked Grady what we did yesterday and that was his reply..."airplanes and elephants." It's true. I had a midwife appointment in Tyler yesterday afternoon, so we went yesterday morning to Tyler and hung out at the zoo all day with the kids...SO FUN!! Then, when we got back to Longview last night we went out to the airport so Joel could meet with a guy about renting his airplane. So, we saw airplanes too. Wanted to share some pictures from our day. But, first...

A little update: Joel did find someone to rent an airplane from, and for half the cost of renting the plane in Dallas. It's perfect. Also, my midwife appointment was great. We heard the baby's heartbeat for the 2nd time and everything is A-OK.

Now, for the pictures...get ready for a lot...

We took glasses for the kids. I put them on them on our way over to Tyler...very cute. Grady wore his for a while esp. since me and Joel wear them...he even put them on top of his head like we do. But, Hadley just wasn't into it. I don't know if you'll be able to see her eyes in the picture, but they are really funny.
Me, Grady, and the rhino. Yes, I now have bangs and we gave Grady a haircut. In the next few days as I send out pictures of our time in Dallas, you will see just how much hair we cut. I am also now totally showing. Fun stuff.
Joel got in on a rhino shot too...this rhino was giving us a better view, standing.
Joel, Grady, and the giraffes.
I haven't been to a huge amount of zoos in my life, but I love this zoo. Where their cafe is, there are decks where you sit to eat...the decks overlook the elephants, giraffes, zebras, and several other animals. It is really nice.
More of the eating place with a giraffe walking by.
Joel and the kids with the giraffes in the background.
Joel, Hadley, and the big lazy lion. All of the animals were pretty lethargic. One little kid suggested we come back at night, because, they are in fact nocturnal. Well, I'm the expert on many things (I'm so kidding...that phrase is said with much sarcasm)...I don't know...I'm sure some of those animals are nocturnal. But, anyhow...they were all pretty relaxed...maybe just bored.
Hadley getting some sniffing from a friendly goat in the petting zoo.
Hadley giving some sweet petting.
Grady in the petting zoo.
Hadley always seemed to be trying to talk to them...tilting her head and jabbering in a sweet voice.
The worker in the petting zoo had pulled up a block of wood to sit on. So, when Grady got done petting the goats, he pulled a block of wood up for himself and sat down by the zoo worker. It was cute.
More of Hadley in the petting zoo...more talking. :)
There was a play area for the kids. Here, Hadley had just taken a bite of sand. She was so generously offering me some in this picture.
Oh, the many things you can do with sand.
Close-up of Hadley.
Grady in the sand.
Another close-up of Hadley...I just liked this one too.
They had so much fun playing in the sand.
The family after a full, fun day...notice how Hadley had already given out. :)