Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hold Me To It

Eating right is so hard sometimes. I really have no real problem with it when I'm at home, but when I'm eating out or am just out on the town, having a fun day, I am always tempted to go get Baskin Robbins at least. When eating out, I always want a Coke. So, here is what I want to do...I did it a few weeks ago, and have done it several times in my life very successfully...and it really is very effective:
1. no soda
2. no sweets (includes added sugar, which I rarely ever do, but sometimes tempted to add to my bran flakes in the mornings)
3. lots of water

So, I plan to do this at least until Friday. I know that isn't too long at all, but I'm going to Louisiana for Easter weekend and it wouldn't really be realistic for me to say that I won't eat some of Granny's desserts. Um, hello...please. I'll re-evaluate next week and fast from the soda and sweets some more maybe. We'll see.

I don't plan on making this my lifestyle or anything. The "no soda" thing and the "lots of water" thing...completely do-able. But, I have to have my ice cream occasionally..."occasionally" being the key word. A complete fast is always a great idea for a while though and really gets you jump-started into less of something as a lifestyle for sure.

So, friends, hold me to it.


AUNY said...

I'm with you on the sweets. I can withstand fried foods and sodas for the most part but sweets are such a temptation to me. So, I don't keep sweets in the house and I don't order sweets at a restaurant. Once a week, Brock and I get a really good dessert. We go to a restaurant just for dessert or get that chocolate we've been craving. It helps you be able to give into your cravings but only once a week (and it's usually on the weekend). This works well for us. We are leniant on special occasions like visiting our family or birthdays, etc.

goldenkona said...

Girl, you know that I support you! 100% You go girl! i have been horrible lately...but hey, maybe I will get started after my birthday...start off year 32 right!

jatlhwI said...

I've been doing that recently, only water, and very little sugar. But this weekend I ate a bunch of jelly beans and Cadbury Cream Easter eggs. Not a good idea to go with all that sugar after not having it for so long. he he.