Friday, April 28, 2006

Dallas Pictures Part 5

The 5th installment of Dallas pictures. Tomorrow should be the last Dallas pictures post. Hope you are all doing well. We are still here in Longview, waiting to sell our house. In the meantime, we are really getting the house in tip-top shape and spending some good quality time together and with family and friends. Keep praying for the house to sell...thanks.

While we were in Dallas, Grady slept on a halfway unfolded sofa bed (propped against the wall) and Hadley slept right next to that in a pack-n-play. Here they are wrestling around on the sofa bed right before bedtime. The next few pictures are of this tussling time...they always have a ton of fun together. Thought these pictures were cute.

Grady was playing one morning on my exercise ball there in the room. He was rolling on his belly on the ball and rolled over right into the window sill. His eye took a beating. He had a cut on the outside of his eye and then also a small one right in the middle of his eyelid. It could've been really bad, but was o.k., thank goodness. It bled for a good while, but then all that was left was our little boxer with a swollen, purple eye. Doesn't he look like he's been in the boxing ring?

Every now and then Hadley woke up from her nap a little early and started making noise that would wake Grady up. So, I would go get her and take her out...and she would go back to sleep on me. This was Joel's last day at school, so he was already home when this he got to hold the sleeping beauty...he liked it. She slept and slept...on his left shoulder, on his right shoulder, on his tummy. Here she is all sprawled out on his lap. :)

Another picture of the boxer.

Our last couple of days in Dallas, Joel was done with classes, so we decided to make it into a little mini-vacation. We started our vacation with a visit to IHOP of course...mmmmmmm. Outside IHOP were those dandelion seedheads that you can blow. The kids did this alot during our time in Dallas.

Here is Hadley running with her Dandelion seedhead.

As part of our little vacation, after IHOP, we went to the Galleria to let the kids play one last time on the playground there. In this picture we are looking down to the 2nd floor where there was a harpist playing along with an electric guitar player...classical type was really pretty.

There were dogs/cats in a section of the mall...a group was there trying to find homes for them. They were cute. The kids loved looking at them.


Ali Elam said...

Great pics of the kiddos! Praying your house sells fast!

danny said...

those pictures of Gradey and Hadley playing around togetther is so cute, thank goodnes that Gradey is ok, that seemed pretty close,yeah my nephew is one tuf looking kid, talk to you all soon.