Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dallas Pictures Part 6

The last of the Dallas pictures. We left Dallas and went to Granbury, which is southwest of Dallas. We hung out with Justin and Jen Sprayberry and their kiddos for a couple of days before we headed back to Longview. It was a fun time.

Elijah and Hadley playing. Elijah just does the army crawl all over the place. It's really funny. Seriously, he could probably make it through basic training with his skilled army crawl alone. :)

The neighbor's cat apparently spends most of his time over at the Sprayberry's, which the kids love. Grady and Hadley can't get enough of any kind of critter. Here they are showing it.

We went to play on the playground a mile or so down the road from where the Sprayberry's's part of their gated community. Here Grady is on the jungle gym.

Me pushing Hadley...she just squeals with laughter every time she gets pushed.

Joel swinging Hadley.

We walked down to the river after we'd played a good while on the playground. The river is right down from the playground. Grady wanted to go exploring. Here is Grady throwing rocks with Caleb.

Throwing rocks with Madison.

Grady's new favorite look. He actually doesn't make this face much, but I think it's really funny.

Grady and his recovering eye.

The swingset in the backyard was a hit. The Sprayberry's have a great backyard with lots for kids to do.

Hadley taking a turn on Caleb's bicycle. The kids loved playing with Caleb's and Madison's toys.

Justin and Jen have a little covered fountain in their backyard. The kids were "fishing."

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Nilza said...

Hi Michawn and Joel,

Haven't checked out your site for awhile now. Great to hear what's happening. The kids are so cute. Grady looks so much like Joel when he was little.
Blessings to you all.
We love you!!!
Auntie Nilza for Britos6 family