Friday, February 11, 2011

Been a While, Ay?

Someone asked me yesterday if I had decided to quit blogging. Whoops. It certainly looks like it, but there have been several factors that just prohibited me from updating. Two being...

1) Our internet has been HORRIBLE the past month. Even now, I am typing this up, but who knows when I'll actually get to publish it. It took me several hours yesterday just to get one email shot off. So, that definitely hinders the progress of blog posting (or communicating at all, for those of you who haven't gotten any replies to emails or other correspondence). Update: All day long I tried to post this. When Joel got home he put his laptop in the window and borrowed the neighbor's password/internet. I'm now standing on one leg holding my breath in the window as I try to publish. We'll see if it works.)
2) My laptop broke a few weeks ago (see Joel's laptop is the one in the window). So to use the computer at all I am confined to our study. Doesn't work so well when the chitlins are awake and then when they are asleep I prefer to do other things these veg on the couch instead of sitting at a desk in the study.

There have been several things going on around here though. For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook (and I show up in your News Feed), you are more up to speed. But, then again I don't put everything on Facebook, so here's a little rundown...

We are so enjoying being back in AnĂ¡polis and in a routine. Life is good and we just LOVE where we live (have I ever mentioned that?). :) The seminary campus we live on is just so perfect for love love it. I miss the states and all of you there and I always will. But I really love it here too and after years of travel and moving, I'm just feeling very...settled (ahh) at the moment. It's nice.

Homeschooling is going great. We are getting all caught up on what we got 'behind' on (according to my goal schedule) during our time of travel all last year. It's busy, but we are loving it. Little tangent: One of the books we are reading right now is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. There are so many things in the book that are not in the movie! ;) Who knew? ;) Tangent complete. We will finish up Kindergarten in March and then start on 1st Grade sometime in April...only a couple of months later than our normal projected start date for a new grade/school year (the goal always being February since we follow the Brazilian school year), but considering how far behind we were due to travel, I am very impressed with us. ;)

The kids have also been doing a 'money class.' It's been so great to watch them learn all about what God has in mind related to money according to His show them that He really does say a lot about it. They've learned all about being a good steward, giving, saving, spending, debt, honesty, and more. We only have one more lesson and then they will receive their very own bank with slots for giving, saving, and spending...and start receiving regular pay for specific jobs they do around here.

A couple of weeks ago Grady started Portuguese class at Kumon. He goes for an hour twice a week. He loves it and it's going really well. It involves a lot of Portuguese obviously. So, when Hadley has finished her 'learning to read' lessons and has a good grasp of reading in English (has had time practicing), she will start the same program...I'm thinking at the beginning of next year probably.

Eissa is chomping at the bits to start school...has been asking consistently for the past two weeks. So, I'm so glad that I got the Sonlight 3/4 curriculum (3/4 stands for 3 and 4 years old) for her and Cass back in December. It will be arriving shortly. It's basically just a curriculum full of great books to read and fun activities. But, they are great books and it will truly give them such satisfaction in having their very own 'school time.' We do that now a bit...not hard to do with a 4 and almost 3 year to color, letters to trace. But, of course with her obsession with books, Eissa's and Cass' teacher is very excited about their formal school curriculum. ;)

How did the curriculum get to Brazil? Well, Joel's parents are in-country. They came with their church in Salem, Massachusetts for a mission trip and they have stayed on after the team left to travel and visit. I know they are LOVING being back 'home' after all these years...they moved to the states around '95/'96 or so (I don't remember exactly) and haven't been back to Brazil since. I'm very happy for them and also very happy that they will be showing up on our doorstep in just a few short days. Always great to have visitors.

Not sure if I have posted the top picture before or not. It was one of the picture we took when taking Christmas card pictures. And, that's all of the update for now. It's past time for breakfast and the kids' banana appetizer is going to wear off soon. ;) Have a great Friday everyone.

And...12 hours later literally, I'm hoping to post this. My Friday was horrible actually...lost Joel's wallet downtown, had a sick one (who threw up all over the couch...poor thing), ran out of diapers and milk (that I was supposed to get but lost the wallet instead). Ha. Glad it's over. I'm about to hit the reset button and hope for a great weekend. You have a great one too.