Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm so very thankful for President Bush and his service to us. Boy has he had a rough go at it here lately...and he sure hasn't gotten much encouragement and uplifting from his American people. Sad.

I read this yesterday and loved what it said. I just don't have time these days to sit down and really write out anything meaningful even though I want to. So, here's ole copy and paste at work.

Thanks, Holly.

Thank you, President Bush, for the years you have given to our country.

We’ve been through a lot together. I think we both should have known it would not be an easy two terms - given the way it began with Al Gore and the hanging chads and all. But still, it was nice to be able to introduce my children to our new President and to not have to think about what you really meant by the word “is.”

I know you aren’t very popular right now - shucks, it’s not even very cool to like you on-line, W. But I’ll say it, straight up: I like you. I’ve enjoyed living free these last eight years. I always knew you had my back. (And tonight, I have to wonder…where would we be right now as a nation if Al had indeed won?)

I’ve appreciated the way you love and value Laura. And even though you’re no theologian, I’m not either…and I like the easy way you speak about your faith in God. I like how you tear up with your pop and how your mom still tells you to take your feet off the coffee table and pull up your socks. Mama’s always right, right?

I was thinking today how most presidents are able to prepare for war. They see it coming, they draft plans, it builds…and then war is declared. That’s not how it was for you. One day, you were reading to some children in an elementary school when war was declared on us. You had no time to plan or prepare - you just had to jump into the fray and respond and protect.

I remember how you told us at the outset that it would be a long and protracted war, and that the temptation would be to lose heart and the will to continue when times got hard. Boy, did your approval ratings as you presided over a very unpopular war prove that statement to be true.

In general, I believe that history will consider you to have been a visionary instead of a villian. Planting a democracy to replace a dictatorship in Iraq was difficult and painful; but birth isn’t usually pretty or pain free. You never left her side as she struggled to take her first breaths - even when the rest of the spectating world told you to back off, to cut our losses and run.

And that’s not all, of course. You’ve helped the nation of Africa; even as she teeters on the brink. You’ve reached outward, caring for the poor and needy around the world. You’ve given us several pro-life advances here at home, as well. You’ve given us Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and Chief Justice Roberts.

Naw, you’re not perfect. You’ve made mistakes - but you gave us your best. You gave us optimism and courage during some very difficult days. I’ll never forget you and the gracious lady by your side.

God bless you, Dubya.

Now, we go on to another chapter in American history. Although I don't agree with our new president's politics and belief system AT ALL, I have to say that I think the historical aspect of today's events is SO VERY exciting. I am so proud to be an American. What other country has made such strides and come so far? Having lived in another country now and traveled to several others, I know for a fact...America IS beautiful!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Computer

Yep, we got one. So, I'm back...although I probably won't be posting much while I'm here in the states, just so you are aware. Maybe I'm wrong, but we stay pretty darn busy around here. SO MUCH TO DO, SO MANY PEOPLE TO SEE, SO MUCH AMERICA TO SOAK UP!! :)

But, I do plan to answer your questions from the last post, starting with the very, very long overdue follow-up to the family planning issue. So, coming soon...I promise...really. ;)

Just wanted to touch base and assure you that I'm still alive and that I'm not ignoring you. :) I have SO MANY pictures. Hopefully soon I can load them all up and share them...maybe on Facebook. So, if you are not friends with me on Facebook, go to facebook.com and request to be my friend (Michawn Madden Ebersole). But, for now, one of each child to hold you over. Enjoy.

Baby's First Christmas. Cass was 9 months old on Christmas Day and thoroughly enjoyed the festivities.
Eissa just recently started showing signs of covetousness regarding Hadley's Cinderella dress back in Brazil. Thankfully, she got this and many other princess dresses for Christmas (the girls got a trunk full actually). It fits her perfectly and she's so darn cute in it.
I know it's a fly-swatter, but apparently since it was pink, she thought it worthy as an accessory.
Since he has sisters who have princess dresses, Grady has to find a manly component. So, they constantly pretend that he is fighting the soldiers to protect the princesses. He was without a costume though. Thankfully, he now has one. We love Christmas!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Who Are You?

We are still without a computer for the next few days. So, I thought it'd be a perfect time to do a little project.

I added a little world map a while back to the sidebar of this blog. There are little red dots all over the place. I want to know who you are!!

So, here's what you do. Comment. Here. Right now. Tell me these things:

1. Who you are (if you aren't comfortable leaving names, just give a general idea of who you are).
2. How I know you, if I do.
3. Where you are/where you live.
4. How you became acquainted with this blog.
5. And, if you want to, you can also let me know of any questions you'd like for me to answer here on this blog.

O.K., now ready, set, go...to the comments section. Can't wait to read all about you.