Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cass - Thumb Update and Pictures Continued

I mentioned in the last post about something that had happened that very day that made me think the end of the thumb-sucking days for Cass was near. So, let me tell you about it...

For the past few months we've just mentioned little things here and there to her about what sucking her thumb can do. Little things about her teeth, her mouth, etc.

The other day she was in the kitchen with me as I made breakfast. Remember that Cass is our fashion designer/personal stylist. She loves to look cute. That's important to her. Just like horses are important to Eissa and being a servant of God is important to Hadley and being heard/spending time discussing people in the Bible is important to Grady. That's just where they are right now (and maybe always). Anyway, we were talking and I just said, "Cass, do you want to be pretty?" Cass said yes. "Did you know that sucking your thumb can mess up your mouth and change the way you look?" Don't worry...I'm not a 'pageant mom.' But, like I said, that's important to her. Not because she's a shallow 3 year old :), but that's just who she is. I knew that it would strike a chord and might provide some motivation (everybody needs a 'why'). And guess did.

I could immediately see the wheels turning and she looked away and was silent. That was all that was said.

Later in the day, as I was working on that blog post, she came into my room. She told me that she was going to stop sucking her thumb. And that if she was going to stop sucking her thumb, she needed to give me her blankets. She has never had one particular blanket. She's always claimed as her blankets the soft, thin, thermal baby blankets...only that kind, but we have several. I've seen a correlation between them and the thumb. Every time she would grab her blanket to snuggle, it was automatic to stick her thumb in her mouth. But, I thought it was SOOOO interesting that she made that connection. And she brought me the two blankets that she had out using at the time.

When we were in the states on furlough, I had kind of foreseen this possibility coming one day...breaking the thumb habit by separating her from the blankets. So, I had gotten a special blanket for her for the occasion. She had no idea about this...but she gave up her blankets even without knowing she had a replacement. I was so impressed with her and proud of her.

After she gave me the blankets and we talked for a bit, I told her that I had something for her. I said that I had a special blanket for a little girl who doesn't suck her thumb...a blanket that would help her remember not to suck her thumb. She was so so excited. ;) It was so cute.

We went to the closet and I gave her her new blanket. She loves it and was so excited.

And she has done GREAT. It is a habit that she has literally had since the womb, so it's not an overnight thing. But she is very, very aware. The other day she woke up and came to me and said, "Sorry, Mama." I asked her why and she said, "Because when I woke up, I was sucking my thumb." She has come to sleep with me or I have watched her as she slept (or went to sleep) a few times since she started this. She makes it a very clear point to not suck her thumb as she goes to sleep. But, sometimes in her sleep that 'reflex' happens. I'll just tap her little hand and she'll pull it out. :)

I have to say that I'm going to miss that a little bit. She's still little, so it was still cute when she did it. But, it was time, as evidenced by the the fact that she initiated and it just all fell into place. She really is doing so so good and we are so very proud of her. Good job, Cass!

And now the rest of the hundreds (literally) of Cass pictures. Enjoy...

"Riding the airplane" on the way to the United States.

Some sweet time with brother.

Fun with Aunt Cheryl.
Hanging out with Uncle Vernon.

Modeling their new swimsuits.

Hahaha...she is seriously crazy.


Cute little country girl.

Playing with the soon-to-be Aunt Bonnie...this was the first day they met. ;)
Horsin' around.

What are they doing? ;)
Getting her nails done for Gillian's wedding.
Talking with her friend, Mallory.
At the rehearsal showing the bride and groom that she *didn't* get her ears pierced. ;)
Sweet snuggles.
Getting all wedding-ed up with me and Gillian.
Hanging out, waiting for her big job at the wedding.

Goodbye hug for Papaw.
Fun with Ariel.

Cass and Mama at the wedding.

Getting dressed in cowgirl clothes with Granny is just hilarious apparently. ;)
Happy girl.
Such a big girl riding the horse all by herself.
Big cowgirl conversations with Papaw.
Aww. With my super great friend, Nicole. Love her!
Hannah Graves. What a great picture of Cass with my little flower girl. :)
So tired. Airport-bound. See that strap on the outside of the window? We didn't have a luggage rack, so my dad and brother strapped our luggage to the top of the van for me, wrapping those straps all the way around the van. Haha...missionaries just have to do what they can with what they have.

Tucker with a little jet lag. Cass apparently totally oblivious to the fact that Tucker was completely passed out. ;) Haha.

My little teenager with an iPod.
Singing in VBS.
This girl is crazy. She was not cooperating with taking a picture. Hilarious.
Hahaha...she loves to get in front of the camera.
Being a good Mama.
She looked so cute sitting there in her cowboy boots.

Hahahaha. She was cracking herself up.
Proud of a job well done.

Sweet picture of Cass and Daddy.
Seriously...such personality. :)
Playing with our friend, Carol.
And, of course, doing her hair. :)
I love these with Marcelo and 'his princesses.' ;)

Haha. Soooo silly.

Tio Marcelo.

She did her own hair here. She said, "I did it just like yours. Let's take a picture." ;)
Duet. :)

Riding a bike with Uncle Tucker.
She fell asleep on me at church...hasn't happened since she was a bitty baby. I loved it. ;)
Love these. ;)

So proud of making her shoes all nice and neat for me. Sweet girl.
Doing her own hair now. Got a little 80s hair going on.

Another 80s hair day. Beautiful. :)

Sweet little girl singing on stage at church...a little VBS commencement. She had just been crying about an accident she had. But, was super brave and got up on stage anyway.
"Look, Mama...I made a dinosaur with my pancake!" ;)


One day when I was sickly, she came to keep me company. Then this happened. ;)
She's still pretty compact. She's been so tiny for so long...since we still don't have another baby in our family, that's been really nice. Our arms have still had a little one to snuggle with. ;)

A beautiful picture, that she even decorated with barrettes.

:) She can be sooo silly.

Again with the silly. And, she is looking so old in these pictures.
Love those deep belly laughs.
Playing around on brother's skateboard.

She wanted me to take a picture of her and her arrangment she made.
In a variation of ways. ;)
Konked out one night before she made it to bed.
Bouncing on the couch.
So fun. Haha.
Our friend's name is Emily...she wanted to write her name. I wrote it out for her and she copied. Pretty good, right?
Holding my hand. Love this.
Mmm, chocolate ice cream.

Little stinker not looking at the camera. ;)

My little helper.
:) Right in the middle of everything.

My little Mary girl. ;) Wonder if the mother of Jesus sucked her thumb? I loved this, but this is no longer a scene in our house. So proud of her. :)