Sunday, October 02, 2011

Eissa - age *almost* 5

Sweet Eissa Rose. Soooooo sweet. (Do you love that picture or what?!?...I love it!!)

I really, really like this sweet girl. She is so interesting. Sweet and stoic all at the same time. Gentle and strong...goofy and serious...quiet, but loud...reserved, but fearless. ;)

She is...very, very sweet. But at the same time...don't cross her. Haha. She is super, super sweet, but truthfully, also is still working on her self-control when she doesn't get her way. It's quite incredible what a different person she can become. Very, very interesting.

But...afterwards, she is also very, very remorseful. That's progress. ;) She's so gentle and sweet though, so soon she will overcome that in her life, I am sure of it. Just recently we've been working on how she can combat this...praying right when she finds herself headed toward total out-of-control-ness. :) She's getting it, slowly but surely. She's really doing well actually.

She is such a sweet sister and can be very sensitive. She's sooooo cuddly and snuggly. I would say that touch is definitely her love language. She's constantly 'petting' and rubbing up against one of us.

She has such a romantic look about her to me...very feminine and Kate Winslet-like. Think Sense and Sensibility. :)

She's very quiet and calm and calculated in her moves. Love to watch her. Very different than her more boisterous, outgoing sisters, but much more fearless in most's very interesting to watch.

And even though she is quieter and more reserved, at the same time she is the one who is so quick to model for the camera...and I do mean model, as you'll see in some of the pictures below. I'll also do a separate post soon of some of their modeling shoots...all started by our very uncharacteristic-of-her model, Eissa. The tables turn...she's fearless in front of the camera while her more outgoing sisters are a little more reserved. (sidenote: not trying to raise models here...never even did that for them to see; Eissa just started it up one day and the others followed...guess it's just instinctive; they have been raised with a camera on them at all times) :)

For months now, she has been obsessed with being a 'cowboy girl.' That is what she is going to be when she grows up after all. Hadley, the preacher, a while back was giving her a little talk about how to become a Christian and how important it is. Eissa kept saying that she just wanted to be a cowboy girl. (We did assure her she could do both.) When talking about what classes they'd love to take (judo, ballet, etc.), Eissa only wants to take cowboy girl classes. ;) When talking about the future and what we want to study/learn how to do...yes, I'm sure you can guess what Eissa's answer is.

When we were in the states in June for two weeks, when we got there, my dad (who always has horses...buys and sells often) had bought the kids a horse. They had a ball on Ladybug while we were there...especially, of course, Eissa.

She really is so very stoic and fearless in so many aspects. For instance, back at Easter the seminary here had a zipline and other fun things on campus...they had had a camp here. After all the campers left on Sunday, all the seminary folks got to try out all the the zipline. Hadley was anxious and nervous to do it. Eissa didn't say a word...only that she wanted to do it. So very funny...she's so very nonchalant about it all. Some of the seminary teachers/students were going on and on about how surely she was scared...they thought they were going to die, etc. Haha...Eissa just looked at them like they were crazy. Didn't say a word, just smiled politely and looked like she was wondering what was wrong with them. People kept asking if she was scared, she just said very nonchalantly, 'no'...again, looking at them like 'why do they keep asking me that?' ;)

While in the states, we all had a fun day on the boat. Eissa was all gung ho to go tubing. Hadley wanted to, but decided to watch Eissa go first. Then Hadley went. That happens most of the time. Hadley is so outgoing in all other areas, but Eissa helps her so much in things like that. Eissa is like the 'wind beneath her wings.' cheesy I know, but for real, that's kind of how I see it. Eissa is very much a 'background girl' and is completely content in that. But, really helps the 'on stage girls' so much. :) So cool how God placed her right in the middle to help them like that.

I love that she loves very girly, feminine things (Barbies, doing hair, squealing...and she has the best squeal of excitement I've ever heard, haha). But, she also loves things like dirt and riding her bike and finding bugs to take care of, etc. She is very much an animal lover and seems to really have a way with them.

She is our resident mispronouncer. She gets that from Joel...we have Joelisms in our house already, apparently Eissa-isms are going to be common too. ;) She is constantly saying something that's not quite right. A while back she took Joel's shoes off and said, "Daddy, you're feet smell gistuckin." She says 'give' instead of 'forgive' sometimes, but quickly corrects it. Sometimes she hears what she says and stops, looks a little confused, and realizes she's a little off. Haha...sometimes she figures it out on her own and sometimes she says, "How do you say that again?" Haha...hilarious.

Also, along with wanting to be a cowgirl, the only other thing she's ever said she wanted to be was a mama. And she says it a lot. Seriously, the girl is ALL ABOUT becoming a mama. When Grady and Hadley have dreamed out loud about what lofty things they want to be, Eissa's answer has always been 'a mama.' :) Too cute. Love her contentment with the basic, simple things...and that she never feels the need to be someone she's not. And...she calls them 'sweeties.' Children/sons and daughters are called 'sweeties.' I love very cute. For instance, this morning I was playing with Eissa and Cass and we were pretending...several different scenarios. At one point, Eissa suggested that Cass be the Mama and I be her 'sweetie.' The other day a lady showed Eissa pictures of her kids. When I got back, Eissa said, "Renata has three sweeties...she showed me pictures." So love that.

Eissa will be turning 5 in a week, on the 10th. Of course, she has chosen a cowgirl theme. :) Too bad Ladybug isn't down here in Brazil. But, we are going to do the best we can.

She will be starting to learn to read soon...we start that after they turn 5. So fun to see this girl grow and change and mature.

We sure do love this peaceful spirited little girl. Such diversity she brings to our family. Love it.

And now...a bajillion pictures. With every post of this series of updates of the kids I choose more pics. ;) But, truthfully, Eissa is always modeling (I'll post on that another day), so naturally there would be more of her...too many to choose from. :) So, here you go...

With Tio ("Uncle") Marcelo...she loves him.

Basking in the glow of the Christmas tree. So cozy.

Haha...she went through a phase of crossing her eyes. Hilarious.
Helping Daddy at work. :)
Getting her nails done.
Pretty nails. Thanks Grandma.
Jumping with her friend, Talita...who is also the next door neighbor.
I love her little hands...they were more pudgy and baby-fattish then. :)
:) Adorable.
Make-up time.
Good job!

So cute! Taking her elephant on a little walk in the rain.

Oh dear.
Hadley started it. ;)
She's a great big sister...
...and a great little sister. ;)
I liked them all.
Pretty, even with vampire teeth. ;)

Folding and putting away her clothes.
Christmas ornament.

I love this cute outfit. ;)

Loves her Barbies and babies.
She's quiet, but she likes to shake her booty. ;)
Breakin' it down.

Cheerleader Eissa.

I loved her expressions in all of these...couldn't choose just one. ;)

She fell hard at Cass' 3rd birthday party. Poor girl.

Before going to the states in June...making due with the cowgirl stuff we had here.

Great job, Eissa. She loves to do school.

She loves her little sister. :)

Getting all ready to do the zipline.
Her smiling at all the people making a big deal about her doing the zipline. ;) Haha.

Zipline fun.

:) Love this girl.

Mmmm, popsicles!
Showing some siamese tomatoes. :)
Happy to see Papaw.
She did this over and over and over. Loved jumping off the dock.
Snuggling with Uncle Tucker.
Papaw was in the hospital for a few days while we were there (he has kidney stones issues)...very snuggly Eissa giving him some lovin' while he eats his lunch.

:) Crazy hair on the boat.
Tubing with Hadley.
Doing a great job at really coloring in the lines at Granny's house.
She was very proud of herself standing there at Mr. Stu and Mrs. Gail Ferguson's house.
She had done her very first ponytail all by herself. She is constantly doing her own hair these days, but this was the first time...had to capture it. Pretty good job.
She was so excited! Aww, look at that sweet face of anticipation! :)
First time on a horse...and loving every minute of it. Sooooo overjoyed!

How many times did I sit on the tailgate of my Daddy's truck when I was a girl? Loved this shot.
A liiiittle bit dirty. ;)
She loves Ladybug and is so thankful for the best gift ever. :)

Getting earrings. Going first to show Hadley that there's nothing to be scared of. ;)
Just did it. Not even a flinch of blink from this girl. ;) Ha. So great.
Checking out her new earrings with Uncle Tucker.
Beautiful little flower girl.
I love this one of Eissa and her Uncle Tucker. ;)

Cowgirl Eissa.
She makes a good one.
Last time with Ladybug.

Special times with Papaw.
With Ms. Judy's cat...which she said never lets people near her. Eissa is seriously the animal whisperer. :)

She can be so goofy...haha.

At a friend's house...she loved the puppy. ;)
So excited to jump HIGH.

She loved it.
Singing in a little program...VBS commencement here in Brazil.
Going on a date with Aunt Priscilla.

On a special outing with me, Daddy, and Aunt Priscilla.

:) Fun girl.

A special card she made for Daddy when he was on his big trip recently.


Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Oh my! I have loved so much reading about your children and seeing all the pictures! You and Joel truly have some of the most darling, cutest, and amazing kids! Ahhh, so precious! I loved reading about your Eissa as I remember so well praying over her life when you were pregnant and Amy and I came to visit you! I definitely remember praying for the person she would be and how she would minister to her family and become a little girl of great faith. She sounds a bit like me actually in some of your descriptions (I remember having to jump off the high dive before my older sister once. She never did do it though because I belly flopped!) and I'm still hoping I'll get to meet her in person one of these days! It is an incredible blessing for me, even from a distance, watching her become who God has designed her to be!