Sunday, March 27, 2011

This Little Chicken is 3

The other day in science we were reading about chicks and eggs. Did you know that mama chickens can hear their baby chicks when they are still in the eggs? I didn't know that...or didn't remember it anyway. So we were talking about how that's different than humans...mamas can't hear their babies when they are in their bellies.

But, then...wait.

Suddenly I thought about Cass. And how I heard her in my womb.

Around 25 weeks or so I started hearing this 'pop' in my belly. I had never heard that before and after a few weeks of hearing it several times a day, I finally remembered to google it. I thought the answer I saw was ludicrous personally...the baby is sucking his/her thumb and popping off and that's what I'm hearing? Absurd, I thought. Besides, I'd had three kids already and none had sucked their thumb...what were the chances?

About 5 minutes after she was born, she found that thumb. The next day we were both laying in the bed, and I heard that same 'pop'...this time it was outside my belly and coming from the sweet little bundle of baby laying nearby.

So...I heard little Cass in my womb.

"She's like a little chick," I told the kids. And then I thought of something else.

I call Cass 'Chicken.' It started out as just 'Chic' I call other girls sometimes...nothing specifically for Cass. But, then quickly it turned into 'Chicken' for Cass. "Good morning, my little Chicken," "Aww, fell down?" for example.

How funny that my little nickname for Cass is 'Chicken' and I heard her in the womb just as happens with real chickens. ;) Ha.


Happy Birthday my cute little Chicken!!

Her birthday was actually Friday, but our internet hasn't been working. Still isn't...back to using the neighbor's every now and then.

But, we just love this little fun 3 year old! She is crazy and fun and opinionated. She is my first one who has very strong feelings about what she wears for example. Haha. She is very cuddly and loves her blankets...she doesn't just have one special blanket...she has a special type of blanket, so that's kind of handy (for washing purposes, etc.). She is very coordinated and graceful...has always been able to balance very well (and scare others around her half to death). She is 3, but honestly totally fits in with her 7, 6, and 4 1/2 year old siblings. She thinks that she is just their age...and acts accordingly.

We are so glad that God blessed us with this little girl 3 years ago!

Joel was traveling this past week and we weren't sure when he'd return, so a party this weekend didn't happen. We plan to do it next weekend. Little Miss Chicken has requested a Whale party. ;) I'll let you know how it goes.

And now for some pictures of the little birthday girl from the last few months...

One of my favorites.
"Like this, Daddy?"
"What about this?" ;)
Telling a big story to Daddy.
I just...
...her bedhead. There really is nothing that can compare. ;) (these all taken on Christmas morning)
This was also taken on Christmas morning...notice Cass and where her thumb is. (she had just woken up...she really only does it when tired or not quite sure of a new situation)
And this was just minutes after birth. She has a long history with that left thumb (only the left).
A little dancing.
My little swingster in her flapper. Yes, swing dancing is a part of our homeschooling. ;)
Dressing up with the sisters.
Helping big brother construct.

There was a little girl...
...who had a little curl...
...right in the middle of her forehead. (and no, I did not position that curl...just happened naturally like that)
Cass is the neighborhood doll.
At some nearby waterfalls when Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Priscilla were visiting...she had to pose a little bit.

We were hiking up a steep hill and this was right after Cass had said, "Oh lawwwdie, help me Jeeesus." (I have no idea where she gets this, by the way) :)
And just because I love this progression of shots.


She's had that chocolate mole on her back since birth. Does that count as a birthmark or are people born with moles? ;)
Some dancing and twirling.

We love this girl!


Anna Elise Mic said...

She's SOOO SOOOOO pretty! I can't believe she's 3 already! WOW! I love the story about her being your little chicken. So cute and precious. Give her a big kiss from me.

Love y'all! Happy Birthday Cass!

Nena said...

She is beautiful!!! I think her dimples are the deepest of all the children. All the children are beautiful and handsome. She has grown so much!!! Such bundles of joy! Happy Birthday, Cass!!!

Wendy said...


Haley said...

She is beautiful! Happy birthday to Cass! Can't believe she's 3 already.

Dani said...

Ohhhhh my goodness Michawn, she is a BEAUTIFUL little girl! I love the one picture where here dimples are about as deep as the Grand Canyon. :) And your story about hearing her "pop"--now that is amazing and so sweet.
I've meant to respond to your precious comment but haven't until now. Thank you SO MUCH for it and for the awesome invite, which I will seriously consider and wouldn't be surprised if I ended up visiting a certain family some day. :) I sure would love to.
Thanks for your example of being an awesome mommy and for your beautiful blog. :)

Ali said...

Happy Birthday Cass! You precious little chic'ken'! Love the pop-pop noise in womb story! She is ADORABLE! What a joyful smile! And the curl...way too precious!

Happy whale party to Cass!

~ Ali

Michawn said...

OMG! I've grown so much, I'm almost ten. Thank you for all these sweet comments. And thank you Mother for always being there for me. <3

-Cass E.