Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Return and Departure

I've walked in freedom before.

Throughout the past several years, many things have been revealed about things in my life...some things that have involved others, some that do not. Generational things that I didn't even know existed in my freedom-walking of yesteryear.

What did I do with those things? Not always the right things I'm afraid...otherwise I'd be in a different spot right now probably. But it was all I could do at the time. And God in His mercy has kept me during this time. I held those things at bay best I could, but they must be destroyed.

Breaking free from the unhealthy things in your life is never easy. As unhealthy and undesirable as they are, they are also all you've ever known and 'comfortable.' It's like the poor Israelites...although slaves, that was all they knew for almost 400 years...for generations. In many ways, they were comfortable. And ripping yourself away from what you've always known, whether good or bad, is anything but comfortable or easy.

What are the things I speak of? The crazy thing is that as of now, I couldn't even provide you with a list of what those things are. But, they are very evident in my life.

So begins a time of major reflection, prayer, separation of 'the things of this world' in my life, and major meeting with God for empowerment, clarity, direction, peace, growth...and then moving forward, never to return.

I've walked in freedom before. And I will again.


Cookie Crumbs and Aprons said...

Michawn, I think that the Lord must be dealing with His about returning to our first love...with our whole heart. I have been dealing with some of these same things myself. God Bless!! I think of y'all often and we pray for you all.

Ali said...

I'm in a similar spot in my life. So I totally get what you are saying! As you reflect, read God's Word and pray please post what you learn! It would help me and others!

I love you!

~ Ali