Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Who Are You?

I've pondered this often...especially in recent months/years.

Circumstances change you. Where you live, who you are with, the things that happen to you in your life (good and bad). I am a very different person now in some ways at the age of 36 than I was when I was 16 or 26.

With time, things have come to light about certain things in my life...and it's changed me. We've moved, many times...and that's changed me. My 'job description' has changed many times, the types of people who surround me has changed many times...and both of these things can change a person. The things that you learn along the way (information) can really change you.

There are many outside factors that can mold and shape a person, but who you are at your core...who is that? One of my most favorite people did a post on her blog today about this very thing.

Who am I? The first thing that pops into my head is Mama. And, on some level, even if I didn't have children that would still be true. I've always had a heart for mothering. But, what word best describes me. As my friend's blog title said, what you do is not who you are. Mama could still be my description on some levels, like I said. But, what word best describes *all* that I am, *who* I am?

My friend's word is adventurous. Her husband's word is unusual.

I think I have a word for myself, something that describes me in all areas of life, including motherhood. It's actually a word that was given to me by others back in college. But, I'll have to think on it some more. What do you think my word should be?

And what about you? Tell me...who are you?

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Josh and Brin said... answer first I will say a few things I have discovered we have in common: love for Brasil, mechanic husbands with Asas, homeschooling with Sonlife, a calling for children (foster care in the States and orphanage work here in the Amazon)and I am a well loved daughter by our Father.
nice to meet you :)
Abra├žos from Manuas~ Brin (originally from IL)