Sunday, January 04, 2009

Who Are You?

We are still without a computer for the next few days. So, I thought it'd be a perfect time to do a little project.

I added a little world map a while back to the sidebar of this blog. There are little red dots all over the place. I want to know who you are!!

So, here's what you do. Comment. Here. Right now. Tell me these things:

1. Who you are (if you aren't comfortable leaving names, just give a general idea of who you are).
2. How I know you, if I do.
3. Where you are/where you live.
4. How you became acquainted with this blog.
5. And, if you want to, you can also let me know of any questions you'd like for me to answer here on this blog.

O.K., now ready, set, the comments section. Can't wait to read all about you.


Wilson Family said...

Hi Michawn,
I am Adana Wilson. I don't know if you remember me but I went to COTR and my brother is Kyle Duran. He and Leanna were good friends with you through Life Challenge. I don't remember how I came across the blog but I LOVE reading it. My husband has a heart for Missions (mostly Mexico) and we have gone on quite a few mission trips so I just enjoy hearing about your everyday life. I pray for you guys often as well! We are currently living in Frisco, TX (DFW area).

Juliet said...

Hi Michawn :)

I'm Juliet! You don't know me.. I'm a friend of Shelly's and found your blog through her. Love it! I'm in Meridian, MS. The only question I have for you... did you do a part 2 to your birth control/how many kids post? I loved the Part 1 and then never saw a part 2. Just wondering :) I have four kids and one on the way, so.... anyway, keep up the blogging! I'm so glad you made it here safely, and know that I'm praying for you, your family, and your ministry!

The Breedlove Family said...
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The Breedlove Family said...

I'm Heather Breedlove, you know me from the Bradley method class when you were pregnant with Hadley. I had Coleman and now I have Carter! We knew about your blog because you guys were starting the move as we did the Bradley get together. You guys were actually the ones that told us about a couple you know teaching abroad... and now that's what we are doing. We are teaching at a Christian school in the Philippines. I love your blog and read it often. I love seeing all your darling kiddos. We are in the States for Christmas break as well and can relate to your love of Mexican food! It's good to taste a little bit of home. Our website is :) Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi~ I'm Krista (Leaman) Horne. I know Joel from back in the day in PA - our parents were friends, so we became friends when he came to the states - and so now I know you too! Well just through the blog since we've never met in person :) My husband and I live in cold & snowy Rochester NY on Lake Ontario - he's a teacher, I'm an accountant. Your blog is a great way to keep up with you guys, and your kids are just so cute! I love that you post alot of pics. I enjoy hearing your perspectives on things like birth, contraception, parenting, and your faith. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michawn, I'm Kristen... one of your secret readers. :) I found your blog on Amanda's blog and enjoy reading it often. One of the first times I read your blog, you were talking about growing up in Saline... one of my childhood best friends also grew up in Saline, Holly Cole. know her? small world, huh? You have a beautiful family. I hope you guys soak up every minute of your time with friends and family. Keep up the great work in Brazil; your ministry is amazing.
God Bless,
Kristen in Texas

Ronnie and Leah said...

1. Leah Jones
3. Bedias, Texas
4. found your blog after seeing Brock in Houston and saw you linked on his or Auny's blog!
5. How can I leave my dot on your map? I couldn't figure it out!

Kecia said...

Hello Michawn! Myname is K├ęcia and i'm from Natal,Rio Grande do Norte,Brasil.
You don't know me,i saw your blog trough Ashley's and i fell in love with the way that you write, you make simple things sound so magical and fun! Anyway, we (my family and i) have become faithful readers of your blog,even is sometimes we don't have the time to comment.
Good luck for you and your family! Hope you have a great vacation!!

Oh... and the only question that we have is:

Have your family consider coming to this part of Brazil? Natal is really beautiful and i'm sure you guys would love it!

God bless you all!!!
Our church is praying for you guys!
We love you in Christ!

Luke said...

1. Luke Holzmann
2. Via the Blogosphere
3. Englewood, CO
4. Probably Google Alerts
5. No questions.

Alice said...

Hi Michawn!

I'm Alice, from London, England! I emailed you about a mini van, so you might remember me! :) (no news STILL, by the way, urgh!)

I've been reading since just a month or so before Cass was due. I clicked a link to your blog from a comment you left at Holly's blog, and was instantly hooked! :)

I would LOVE to know what your thoughts were/are on family planning - I think you were once going to write a "part two" about it a while back, and I'm so curious about what you guys chose to do. You were very influencing in mine and DH's decision to pray about the same, and we are now (joyfully!) leaving babies to God (am thus pregnant with #4, yay!). Thank you for putting the subject out there and being honest and so detailed about the subject!

And that is all! I hope you guys are enjoying being in the States! Love to see your updates!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michawn! It's Krystal Mauthe, I found your blog while reading Haley's blog about 6 months ago and have been "addicted" :) ever since! Your family is so adorable! Hope ya'll enjoy your time in Saline and have a safe trip back home! I live in South Louisiana now but usually try to make it back to Saline for the big Watermelon Festival :)

Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michwan

I'm Kim and I live in Suffolk England. You don't know me, I found your blog link on Auny's blog (she doesn't know me either, I looked her up on seeing a programme on her and her husband on God tv!) Hope I don't sound like a stalker! I keep coming back because I love the way you write, your kids are beautiful and your ministry is amazing amongst other things! My husband and I have little 3 boys and everybody thinks we're crazy that we want more! He is desperate to do some work in South America. I am afraid! So I admire you! thanks for letting me read!

God Bless you all

DyessFam said...

I love this and it not even my blog!:) Hey, I just wanted you to know that we are going to try out some AIO one-size diapers, but I'm going to attempt to make them. I'm in the process of bidding on one on ebay so I will have an example of the way it is actually supposed to turn out and then on the main website for them, I'm going to purchase the pattern and the kit to make 3. Then we'll try them out and see how it works out. You may or may not have come across these in your research of the bumgenius diapers, but they are on There is a video that shows how hers work. Hers don't have snaps for the one-size part. Anyway, thought you would find it interesting. Let me know what you think. BTW- I'm so glad you all got to come home for a while. I hope you get lots of rejuvenating time. We are only in Killeen, but I don't even know if we will get a chance to visit East Texas before this baby comes, much less get to visit you all in Saline. (I'd love to see it one of these days since you love it so much!:) So, I'll just have to keep up with you via blog still. (I did have to put one of those maps on my blog just for curiosity's sake and do you know I had a hit from someone in India?! Cool, huh? Maybe I'll get to go there one day.) Okay, now ends this mondo-long comment...

taxcosilver said...

Hi Michawn,
We have never met but I identified myself to you when I first started reading your blogs . I have been to Brazil three times and have also lived in another country (Mexico) since 1993.
Adjusting to another culture and language is challenging but fun and I always enjoy reading about your experiences and watching your children grow.
Most importantly, I deeply respect your commitment to Christ, your family and to your missionary work.
You also inspired me to start my own blog -
Thank you Michawn ! I hope to meet you some day !Shayna Weeden

Matt and Meredith said...

I cannot believe all those people who read your blog regularly that don't know you! I mean, I understand why they'd want are very entertaining, thought provoking, spiritually challenging and uplifting, and inspiring...but, that's crazy. What a ministry! How fun.

1. Well, you know me...Meredith
2. I guess we first met on our trip to China where we were roomies.
3. Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas
4. You emailed your blog several years ago to all your friends/ family and I was too busy to read. Then, Steph told me to read. You encouraged your readers to get a blog and I did! : )
5. Questions....I never asked you what led you to China that summer we went. I know it's obvious...God did. But what were the chain of events that led to it? That was such a weird experience wasn't it?

Sarah said...

1. Sarah Peers
2. We attended Vineyard North Phoenix together and were co-workers at HealthSouth Rehab hospital at one point.
3. now living in Rochester, NY
4. Through your facebook
5. No questions...just wishing you and the fam best wishes and lots of prayers!

on an adventure said...

Hey girl.

1. Amanda
2. I got to know you through our mutual college bud, Alisha. You've always been a totally fun person, and your legs were too long for me to keep up with you running. Sadness for my stubby legs. Really, though, I value your friendship and your opinion. I love to talk to people about your home births, and just generally about your family and what you are doing for Christ.
3. Baytown i.e. "Dirty Bay"
4. I can't remember if you started a blog before me or I started one before you. I think I got an email about it when you started it.
5. Just the one I asked on a comment on your last homeschool post.

Fun stuff! I loved reading how many people from EVERYWHERE are reading your blog. God's using your words!

Anonymous said...

alan pearce. saw someone that looked just like u.

Anonymous said...

9135300797. pearce again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michawn.
1. I´m Ludmilla - Pastor Ismail´s daughter.
2. You know me from the church - Koynonia.
3. Anapolis- Goias - Brazil.
4. You told me about your blog. And always when I have time, I come here to read and see the pretty and funny pictures and stories about the kids. ;)
5. I want to know, how are you in United States? I miss you all, especially the children (my little friends... > I love playing with them :)
God bless you. We see in February.

Shay Forbes said...

1. Shay Forbes, married w 2 kids.
2. Im a friend of Joel's from high school/youth group years in PA
3. Im in London, England (married a Londoner)
4. Heard about blog thru emails/newsletters from you and Joel
5. Its great keeping updated on your family n seeing ur photos. Glad to see you all serving God faithfully in Brasil. Excited to hear about your homeschooling adventures as Im a sonlight homeschool mom too (core K).
God bless! Shay