Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Computer

Yep, we got one. So, I'm back...although I probably won't be posting much while I'm here in the states, just so you are aware. Maybe I'm wrong, but we stay pretty darn busy around here. SO MUCH TO DO, SO MANY PEOPLE TO SEE, SO MUCH AMERICA TO SOAK UP!! :)

But, I do plan to answer your questions from the last post, starting with the very, very long overdue follow-up to the family planning issue. So, coming soon...I promise...really. ;)

Just wanted to touch base and assure you that I'm still alive and that I'm not ignoring you. :) I have SO MANY pictures. Hopefully soon I can load them all up and share them...maybe on Facebook. So, if you are not friends with me on Facebook, go to and request to be my friend (Michawn Madden Ebersole). But, for now, one of each child to hold you over. Enjoy.

Baby's First Christmas. Cass was 9 months old on Christmas Day and thoroughly enjoyed the festivities.
Eissa just recently started showing signs of covetousness regarding Hadley's Cinderella dress back in Brazil. Thankfully, she got this and many other princess dresses for Christmas (the girls got a trunk full actually). It fits her perfectly and she's so darn cute in it.
I know it's a fly-swatter, but apparently since it was pink, she thought it worthy as an accessory.
Since he has sisters who have princess dresses, Grady has to find a manly component. So, they constantly pretend that he is fighting the soldiers to protect the princesses. He was without a costume though. Thankfully, he now has one. We love Christmas!


O.M.G. said...

i love the new pic at the top...what are they laughing about (cass seems to be wondering that too. what a cute expression she has!)? what a fun bunch! glad you guys are having fun. enjoy your time here.

Jen Sprayberry said...

Welcome back to the internet! It's kinda fun taking a break. I did for 10 days in Cali and at first I was feeling lost but then I started to like the little break. Can't wait to see you all Friday.

Neto said...

Hi Joel and Michawn! Here is Neto from AnĂ¡polis-Brazil.
We are praying for Grady and all family.
I was looking at his picture and thinking about his problem. Maybe it´s possible be tooth´s infecction. We thought that was intersting to take a radiography exame of his jaw, to take any doubt about it.
We wish that you made a security back to Brazil.
Yours brothers in Christ.
Neto, Mariana, Ester, Abmael, Ghilherme, Mariane and everyone.