Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Place To Live

We found one.

O.K., a recap for everyone who can't keep up with us. :)

We moved into this house on a seminary campus July 2007. After moving so much, we were so grateful to know that we'd be here for a full year, until July 2008. Well, then the owners of this house decided that they were going to stay for a little longer in the states (they are missionaries on furlough), so we then had until November 2008 to stay here, although we thought we might be leaving in July, therefore we thought we might not even need it. Well, turns out that then (back in June) we were asked by our mission to stay here in this city for an additional year (until July 2009). Hmmm...ooopsies, we only had this house until November. Now what would we do?

So...meanwhile, another couple (our friends who live 2 doors down) here at the seminary (they both teach here) were contemplating a move. They were accepted at new jobs in another city and state, found out for sure in August, and recommended to the college (and their mission who actually owns their house) that they let us live there. Perfect. It worked out and everyone agreed that would be lovely, us included (love their house). The only glitch? They will be in their house until mid-December. We have to leave this one by the 1st of November. Yes...the math doesn't work out, does it? Looks like we are nomads once again...what to do for a weird 6-week time period?

Well, there was a little apartment here on campus that was a possibility, but when we looked at it...well, let's just say it was a no go for multiple reasons. We aren't super picky and we can make anything work, esp. for a temporary amount of time, but we are glad that something else opened up. What opened up you ask? Let me tell you.

There is a couple (Leandro and Gabi) that is associated with Asas (actually, there story is that they came to Asas, trained for years, and then just never ever were able to raise the support needed to go to the, they were forced to take a job in the work world, that is, they had to leave Asas; this is a big problem here in Brasil...more on that another time maybe). They have been living here in Anapolis for a little while, but needed to move to another state. They wanted to go ahead and go, but were locked in a contract and also didn't really want to move most of their belongings (the big stuff) until things were completely squared away where they are going. Hmmm...could this be the perfect setup for everyone, Joel thought.

Turns out, it was. The people that own this house that we are in now are so generously letting us use some space in their house to keep our stuff in (boxes, couches, beds, pots and pans, etc.) and we are going to move into Leandro and Gabi's apartment and use their stuff. We help them and they help us and all is made better in this weird set of circumstances.

We have guests arriving this Tuesday. They will leave the following Thursday and we will have a week left here in this house. Our two guests are a couple of guys that we met in Phoenix...we became fast friends and we are so very excited to see them again. They contacted us and just wanted to come down and encourage us, help and serve in any way they can. We're so grateful for them. One of the things they will be able to help us with specifically will be moving all of our big things into the room where we will be storing it. So, by the time they leave, we'll probably be basically camping out here in this house. Should be an interesting couple of weeks.

I'll be sporadic in blogging, that's for sure, if I blog at all. So, if you're wondering where I am, that's it...packing, moving, unpacking, settling in, etc. Keep us in your prayers during this whole transition process and also as we host our friends (so excited) and they serve/minister here. We have some really great things planned for them so far. Should be fun.

Be praying for me especially. Most of the time all of this is fine, although as I've said before, the grace is running out. But, I've been packing for the last several hours now. I just ran across the bag that has our kids' baby books in it...their basically untouched baby books. I realized that we've never even gotten Cass a baby book. And, another realization that came to me and made me very sad is that since we didn't have a baby book and since we don't even have a birth certificate or anything else that needed them, we never got footprints/handprints of her. Sure, we can get them now (now that she's 6 months old!), but it just makes me sad that we didn't get them of her as a newborn. Yes, it's time to settle down a bit...get somewhere, be done with all this nomad living for a while, slow down a bit. I pray it comes soon.

Have a great few weeks if you don't hear from me!!


The Brodines said...


We will for sure be praying for you guys. It is hard to move around and I think as a mother it is even harder b/c kids have to adjust too. When we were in Honduras we were in like 8 different cities...therefore 9 different homes where we lived and it was always an adjustment for everyone. Those first days arriving to the new "house" was hard for everyone. I will be lifting you up in prayer dear sister. I love you and miss you. I know that the Lord will give you the grace needed for that time. He is faithful!

Melissa Terry said...

You are my hero and such a rock star! We were praying for your family tonight and are believing with you for miraculous grace during this season.

All our love...

Ali said...

I'll be praying for God's grace as you sort and pack stuff for the temporary move at the end of this month. I totally understand the craziness of moving and it effects the kids and the parents when things are super busy and hectic due to moving. My kids were helping me unpack when we were still in the packing stage! I had to learn to tape up those boxes quicker and not leave a half way packed box sitting around! :) It was really funny at how helpful they were trying to be!

I know God will bless you and the whole family with peace, endurance and lots of grace as you buck up for yet another move! I know you can't wait to be settled again. God knows your every need during this time and He will provide!

FYI...our move was crazy and even though its been a week since we got here I'm still am trying to find all sorts of missing things. I want you to know that I understand and will be praying specifically for your whole family during this move.

~ Ali

Anonymous said...

Joel and Michawn,
Moving isn't fun. I have had my share. I have never lived in a house as long as I have now here in Beverly MA. Some years ago I counted all the places I had lived in my life and divided it by my age. My average move was every 2.5 years. But the greater part of the moves was when I was single.
We will be praying for you, may Grace Grace abound to you.
I have had a very busy fall. I am teaching the book of Acts every Wednesday. This Wed. will be my last class. It has taken every spare hour to prepare for the classes, before my regular work and afterwork. I have a two week break then the class will be given again. But at least the basic preparation will be already made. It has been fun to teach Acts to a small group. Pr Lou and Gwen each teach a class also. After 7 weeks the classes rotate.
Sunday the youth and young adults had the service. They did really good. Most all our family participated. Danny gave the exhortation for the offering, Angela had anouncements, Kristin and Joe shared what's happening with youth and young adults, Andre gave the sermonette. Others shared also in testimony, song, and dance.

We love you, Dad

Kecia said...

Hey... I just moved in to a new house and let me tell you! My grace was almost gone!! The mess,the boxes,the crazy dog... But Jesus renewed my grace when i almos lost it!! I'll be praying for you and Your family!!
Que a graça do Senhor Jesus seja abundante nesses dias tão ocupados!!
Amamos você em Cristo Jesus Amada!!

Jen Sprayberry said...

You are such an amazing person. Nicole and I often talked about how awesome you are to be able to move and just follow God's plan. You really are impressive. We will be praying for you. I know God will bless all of your sacrifices.

AnnaElise said...

I echo Meliss'a comment... you are certainly a hero to so many. WE love and are praying for the grace (empowerment) for you to get through all of the packing and transition. Love you much MICHAWN! Love, Enna