Friday, October 10, 2008

Eissa Has 2


In Portuguese they don't say "how old are you" they say "how many years do you have" (so there's the explanation for the title). Yes, Eissa is now 2 years old as of 9:29 this morning, central standard time (you can read her birth story here and here if you are interested). Oh, she's a joy and keeps us laughing all the time. I've said before that she is definitely the comedian of the family and that still holds true. She's funny, but also very, very caring. She watches out for her big brother and sister...if she gets to do something (have a piece of gum, for instance, or when it's time to go outside to play), she always says, "Grady? Hadley?" It's sweet. But, she's also fine and dandy being all by herself. Although she very much loves her big brother and sister, she's not a tag-along sister in other words (most of the time she's not, that is)...she's very much her own person. It's fun to watch. Oh and the way she is with Cass...super, super sweet and cute. She will go up to her and say "Hey girl" in a sing-song way and just play with her and rub her little face. She is very, very caring with Cass. It's so sweet.

She's talking bunches and really putting things together...reasoning things out and such. She is obsessed with her flip-flops...yes, the mismatched ones. When she wakes up, the first thing she says when we go in is "bip-bops?" Her laugh is SO great...a really deep belly laugh. Love it.

Love, love, love our little 2 year old!! So thankful to have you with us, Eissa...healthy and happy and loving life!

This was the first picture taken of Eissa this morning. I told her to smile. This was the result. I had to tame the VERY curly hair she has here for the pictures at the beginning of this post. Her has a personality of its own. :) Fun, fun girl.


Kecia said...

She is so pretty,and has a wondeful story!!Her hair looks like my sisters hair whe she was 2,we even have a photo that looks a lot like that one!!
Happy B-Day Eissa!! May God Bless you aways!!

Ali said...

Happy 2nd birthday sweet Eissa! Love hearing about your tender heart and fun personality!

Love, Ali

Aimee and Lonnie said...

Happy 2nd birthday Eissa!!! You're such a cutie pie!!!

Stephanie said...

happy birthday Eissa!