Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WHAT Is WRONG With Me?!?

Seriously, I'm not quite sure myself. :) I've never been into a campaign or politics in general as much as I am into this one...not even close. But, I truly think it's different this time...on many levels. One point is that there is just an extreme difference in the 2 candidates I think. EXTREME.

I will definitely be voting for McCain if you haven't already gathered that (well, actually already have...absentee voting). Obama...seriously he frightens me. The extreme views he has, the associations he's had, etc. It all just equals up to scary. (Update: Felt the need to add a clarification. I'm sure some might be tempted to leave a comment addressing this. What I'm talking about is not a 'scary' as in I've forgotten that God is merciful and completely in control and bigger than anyone or anything there is and ever will be. I'm not 'walking in fear' ok? That said, the things that could happen under Obama's leadership...scary.)

Check out this site. It's a GREAT sum-up of ALL the issues and where Obama stands (complete with many video clips of Obama stating these things himself)...and why his name should be avoided on your ballot. Seriously, I've never, ever even considered trying to persuade someone to vote for a particular person...never. But, this time it's more serious.

And here's the follow-up article to the last article link I posted on here. Really, really thoughtful and insightful. Please read it if you are at all undecided, or thinking of voting for a 3rd party candidate.


Mary said...

I am really scared of what will happen if Obama wins.

DyessFam said...

Good posts, Girl! I linked the blog you recommended to my site, too. Gotta get the word out! I thought the way he has stated things and the analogies he uses are right on. Wow! Thanks for pointing me to his blog.:) I also want you to know that you are not alone in feeling like there is something incredibly important and urgent with this election compared with all the previous ones. Sam and I are right there in the same boat.

Anonymous said...

You are right! I agree!
We must vote right and pray, pray, pray!
Love y'all!
Aunt Marilyn

Anonymous said...

This urgency is felt by many. God-given feeling, I believe. I've never felt so "inclined" to express my opinions before either. I wondered if you got to vote or not. Play ball tonight at Bienville Tournament. Will try to talk to you soon.