Friday, May 05, 2006

Saline Pictures Part 3

Playing catch-up with the pictures sometimes leaves you lost as to what we are doing daily. Well, we just got back to Longview from a visit to Saline. We went to fix our car, which was stranded there with what we thought was a bad alternator. But, instead of having to replace the alternator, it was really just one little cable that needed replacing. We were very thankful. $3.24 as opposed to $100.

Also, a great Grady story for you all: While we were in Dallas, and then while we are in Saline, we have cable/DirectTV. So, my favorite things to watch are "A Baby Story" and "Birth Day." When I'm around a TV, I watch those shows a few times a week. My family thinks I'm weird, but I've always been fascinated with all of that birth stuff. If I was still working, I would've eventually ended up as a midwife/nurse working with a midwife, or at least working in labor and delivery at a hospital. Anyhow, today I was laying on the couch in Saline and Grady came over and was first "fixing" my hair. Then he decided he wanted to fix the baby's hair, so he raised up my shirt and started playing with my belly. Then he made his way down to the end of the couch and sat down at my feet. He suddenly grabbed my foot, moved it forward so that my knee was bent, and said dramatically, "Push!" Hmmm...where did he get that? It was hilarious.

On to the pictures...after the Easter egg hunt at Magnolia, shown in the last pictures, we went over to Uncle David's house to play on the girls' playground. Most of these are pictures from that. The others are just some taken at the house.

This is a good picture of part of Kiley's and Skylar's playground that they have in their front yard...really fun. The slide/jungle gym is really neat and underneath it all is a fun sandbox. Also shown is Hadley on the tricycle with Kiley in the background.

Kiley and Skylar even have a roller coaster in their yard. It's a really fun little is Grady on it. I don't know if you can see his face or not, but his mouth is wide open with excitement.

Grady's reaction to the roller coaster. He loved it. He was laughing.

Hadley on the roller coaster. Her expression shows a little more concern than Grady's.

Hadley's reaction to the roller coaster. :) This picture cracks me up. She didn't quite know what to think about it.

Getting a little help from her big cousin.

Kiley hitching a ride with Grady. Grady thought it was funny.

Getting some puppy smooches with Aunt Jessica and Kiley.

Grady getting in on it.

Hadley snuggling with Uncle Tucker.

The kids love to play in the sand. Here they are with Joel in front of my parents' house, in the same sand I used to play in. Isn't that a pretty view?

Close-up of the kids in the sand.

This is my parents' house...where I grew up (well, since I was 5...before that we lived in a trailer down the hill from this). The tree there in front of the house...I planted it...from a seed. I don't know what year I planted it, but years ago anyhow. I was little. It's pretty cool to see how big it is now.

There seems to be a real theme in Hadley's pictures...hmm, a dirty face maybe? :) Also, notice Grady in the background running. Since the track meet, he has been a running boy. He'll say, "I wanna run." And then he'll take off. I think he's a real runner seriously. One night while we were still in Saline, I went running and then went back to my Granny's house to get Grady to walk to the church to get Tucker. It's probably a little over 1/2 mile there and back. He ran all the way there. Then he ran half the way back, but got very thirsty and had to stop running. I was amazed that he ran that much though.

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