Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Saline Pictures...Trip to Get Car - Part 1

May 1st we headed to Saline to pick up our car. We were there until the 4th. This post and the next are of some of the pictures taken while there during that time.

As we were heading out the door in Longview to start our trip to Saline, I snapped a shot of Grady and his grass. They had planted grass seeds in his class at church a week earlier and this is what had grown so far. I think Grady's a pretty good grass grower.

We were coming up the driveway one day and I saw a turtle...a terrapin actually, but a terrapin is in fact a turtle, so we'll just call it a turtle. Anyhow, I got Joel to stop and I got out and got the turtle so the kids could play with it. I caught tons of these things growing up. I would play with them and put them in a box on the porch overnight so I could play with them more the next day. I always found an empty, overturned box the next morning...and no turtle to be found...no matter what size the box. We had a lot of fun watching the kids with the turtle that Joel named Bob.

Watching Bob crawl on the grass. Bob is in the left of the picture.

Peeking at each other.

Bob had crawled up under the swing and stopped. The kids were trying to get it to move along. Hadley was behind the turtle and Grady was trying to talk Bob into coming to him.

Little naked girl. She was clothes-less and here in this picture diaper-less for a reason. We had gone to the lake and Grady was standing near the water. Hadley decided not to stand near the water, but instead just walked right in. She stopped before her head ever got under the water and she probably would've been fine if I hadn't run down to get her out...she did it all in slow motion. But, she was of course soaked through and through. And Grady didn't like it too much...he started crying and was very worried for Hadley when she got in the water.

My hot date. We decided to go to a restaurant that we last went to during the holidays after we got engaged. I felt rich that night. We had halfway decent clothes on (Joel's shirt was borrowed and really nice...all of his shirts are from Goodwill...they are nice, but used), we drove Mama's new Tahoe, and we went to a nice, fancy restaurant. It was a great night.

Isn't the view pretty? The restaurant is on a lake and we were in a window seat, right on the water. We used to go here to eat on Prom nights and such in high school...there are always people sailing on this lake...it's really pretty.

Our last full day we had a picnic at the lake and went swimming. Here, the kids all suited up and ready to get in the water. Grady's suit is from last year. Hadley's suit is a new gift from Granny though...isn't it cute?

Hadley's poses. I think she might be a supermodel in the making...a nice, Christian, modest supermodel that is. :)

In the water with Daddy. It was chilly at first, but felt really good once you got used to it. There will be more swimming pictures in the next post.

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