Thursday, May 18, 2006


That's how old I am of yesterday. It was a stupendous day. I woke up to a couple of pair of little feet and a pair of big feet bringing me breakfast in bed...a plate of eggs and fruit and a plate of pancakes...mmmmmmmm!! It was scrumptious...and fun eating in bed with the family (everyone ended up eating in bed with me). Then we all just stayed in bed and watched a couple of videos with Grady about potty training. By the end of the 2nd video, Joel was playing with my hair, and I was falling back to sleep. So, Joel took the kids downstairs and I stayed in bed and went back to sleep...slept 'til noon. Now that's my kind of morning. Ahhh!

I woke up and Joel told me that my good friend Nicole had called and wanted to take me to lunch. I called her back, took a shower and got ready, and met her for lunch at 2. We ate at Barron's, which was the first place we met for lunch and got to know each other about 7 1/2 years ago. We ate and just talked until about 4 and then I went to Books-A-Million (there's no Barnes and Noble here in Longview). I sat and read books until a little after 6, came home and got Joel and the kids, and went to church. After church another friend of mine, Anna, came over and brought me a card and we talked and caught up. I went to bed with only about 15 minutes left of my birthday. Joel woke up and rubbed my hair until my birthday was over. :)

Man, what a great and relaxing birthday. Stu-pen-dous!

Hope all of your birthdays are that great too.


jatlhwI said...

well, happy birthday to you for yesterday. I'm not that far behind you. :)

Ali Elam said...

I called you yesterday and left you a "Happy Birthday" message on your phone! Wish I would have caught you but sounds like you were very busy relaxing! Glad to hear you day was incredibly fun! I love you! So thankful God created you! By, the way check your email accounts...I sent you a birthday e-card! :)

Michawn said...

Hey, I know you? Identify yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

girly lets hang out anytime you want!!!!!! i love you

carrie may

Anonymous said...

Your hair stuck straight up 32 years ago. HA!
Happy Birthday (late) and love you!
Aunt M.