Monday, May 22, 2006

Random Saline Shots 2

Well, Joel just got word that he will be taking the remainder of his check ride tomorrow morning in Dallas. WOOHOO! He has been flying the past few days and really feels good about his maneuvers, so hopefully tomorrow he will pass and it will be done. Yay!! So, be praying for him. He will leave out tomorrow morning around to Dallas and take his check ride...then fly back to Longview mid-afternoon. The check ride itself will be starting around 8 and ending around noon. So, remember to say some prayers for him. We're very excited.

Now, some more pictures...

Our camouflage kids. Every child in the country in the South has camo., no matter what age. Grady's we just got at Goodwill...Hadley's we got as a gift when she was born from Uncle Jared and Aunt Jennifer. :)

At the barn exploring.

Uncle Jared helping Hadley pet the horse.

Jared, the kids, and the dog (Tucker named her Gigi) visiting the horses in the pasture.

Grady is not sneaky and mischievous, but sometimes he looks it. Isn't this a cute picture?

Friday night we all ate supper at Granny Hough's house. In this picture, Hadley is doing what she always does when Papaw is around...gets in his lap and holds on tight, snuggling with no end in sight. :)

Granny Hough holding Grady and getting some help putting his shoes on from Aunt Marilyn, with Kiley and Skylar looking on and waiting patiently for him to go outside.

Uncle David and Jessica have kennels. One of their dogs just had puppies...strike that...I think it was just a puppy...a litter of one. The kids all went to see it. Here is Grady being introduced.

Grady swinging with Kiley and Skylar...with a little help from Uncle David.

Here is my bouquet that Joel and Grady made for me...a pre-Mother's Day gift. So pretty and so creative. I loved it.

Gathering in Granny Hough's front yard.

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Ali Elam said...

Very pretty pre-mother's day flowers from your guys!