Friday, May 05, 2006

Saline Pictures Part 4

The first installment of Easter day pictures.

Hadley and Grady, both very happy in their Easter duds, on the way to church.

The kids climbing around on the jungle gym at the church playground. You can really see Hadley's cute little dress, with bloomers, in this CUTE! Grady's outfit is very cute too, of course. Thanks go to Grandma and Grandpa Ebersole for those outfits. They didn't know when they gave them to the kids that they would be used as Easter outfits, but that they were.

Papaw swinging Hadley. Isn't that a beautiful white country church in the background? That's the church I grew up in and got married in. I have great memories there.

Grady with a tight grip.

For some reason Hadley kept doing the splits...she was pretty good at it.

Some of the crew sitting around shooting the breeze. From left to right: Colby (1st cousin), Jeffery (1st cousin), Joel, Ariel (1st cousin), Gillian (1st cousin), Tucker (brother), Mark (1st cousin), and Katrina (Mark's girlfriend). Me and the cousins around my age were always really close growing up and the younger bunch of cousins have kept it up, although we all still hang out together...the "older" and "younger" cousins. Also, Aunt Cheryl is standing up, Eli (Jeffery's son) is sitting on the ground, and Granny Hough is sitting in the background.

Every year while some of the adults hide the eggs, the kids go for a walk. Here are Skylar, Kiley, and Grady starting out their walk. So sweet, them holding hands like that. And, kind of crazy when you look at them...Kiley is 10 months older than Grady, but he is bigger by far. Kiley is a petite little Hadley.

It is tradition for Daddy to put an egg on top of his cap for one of the grandchildren to find. This year it was Grady's turn to find it there. Granny and Granddaddy Hough (Mama's parents) are in the background and my cousin Ariel on the side...they are all pointing out the egg.

Grady saw the egg on Papaw's head, but wouldn't get it off. So, Papaw just let him get it this way.

Hadley finding an egg.

Getting a little help from Papaw.

Grady showing his full basket. Good job, Grady.

Jessica, Kiley, Grady, me, Skylar, and Ariel all down at the water. The ducks weren't very interested in our bread that day for some reason, but the kids sure did enjoy feeding them anyhow.

Hadley was just itching to get in that water. Here she is being held back by her Granny Madden.

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