Sunday, May 07, 2006

Saline Pictures Part 6

The last of the Saline pictures...the Easter trip to Saline anyhow.

Also, calling all prayer warriors: we found out Friday afternoon that Joel has been scheduled to take his big, final check ride for his flight instructor's license this coming Wednesday. It is really short notice...we were planning to be told a week or 2 in advance, but that's just the way it is...just adds a little extra pressure. So, me and the kids are headed to Saline today, Joel will go to Dallas tomorrow, take his check ride Wednesday, and meet up with us in Saline again on Thursday. I'll keep you posted as to what happens, but be praying. Joel said that the tendency is for the check ride instructor to be really nit-picky and fail people if only to give them the experience of they can relate better to their students that fail once they do become flight instructors. Hardly anyone passes the first time, but that's been the case in many of the things Joel has done so far...and he's passed them the first time. So, just pray for him as he is in the middle of a stressful, busy few days.

Taking a ride on Daddy's back, with Uncle Tucker's help.

Grady got to go riding in Papaw's truck down to the barn...and he got to drive...and wear one of Papaw's caps. He was extremely excited.

Grady will just go off on his own alot there in Saline. Of course we know where he is, but he is alone in his own little world. He'll sit on the Mule and "drive" for an hour at a time, or go "feed" the horse. This is one of his favorite spots...the broken down lawnmower ("tractor" as he calls it).

"Just a swangin'"...all of you old-school country music fans will get that reference. We used to hear that song every morning on the way to school in Daddy's pick-up when I was in elementary.

Another Mule shot. Hadley is wearing what most kids out in the country wear everyday...just a diaper. :)

A cute picture of the kids sitting together.

We (me, the kids, and Mama) rode the Mule through the woods over to see Mr. Earl and Mrs. Liz. They kept me until I was about 2...then Granny started keeping me (Mama worked part-time). Mr. Earl had a stroke a few years back and he is unable to form words. He still talks and you just have to guess what he says. It's not usually hard, esp. if his master interpreter (Mrs. Liz) is around. And, the kids love him...he totally speaks their language. One other thing...notice all the camouflage in this picture. Yep, we are in the south, in the country. :)

Don't know if you can really tell, but here Grady is "cutting hay." The kids had taken a Mule ride with Granny over to one of Papaw's hayfields where he was cutting hay. When they got back, Grady grabbed a toy hoe and got right to work..."cutting hay" he said. He was actually just chopping the grass of course, but it was so cute and he worked and worked.

Again, Hadley's theme...she was VERY dirty here, although the picture doesn't do the dirt justice.

Here is a picture of Grady's tractor and trailor. Notice how he had put his "hay" that he had "cut" in there. He's a hard worker!

We were all just hanging out in the living room watching TV. Grady decided to watch with, he sat down on the end of the recliner Mama was in. He just sat there swinging his feet back and forth. It was cute.

The view looking down into Hadley's pack-n-play. Our last night spent in Saline, we put the kids in Tucker's room and he slept in the living room. Usually the kids sleep in the room with their Granny, but Granny and Tucker had to get up really early that day. Anyhow, this is what I found when I went to check on them before I went to bed. Grady had been put to bed in Tucker's bed...apparently he wanted to be a little closer to his sister. So cute. Anyhow, I picked him up and put him in Tucker's bed to sleep. It was really sweet though.

Playing the piano with Daddy.

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