Wednesday, May 24, 2006


We went for our ultrasound on Monday evening. It was stupendous. The midwife we see is about 45 minutes away. Our great friend Judy kept the kids for us and so we made it into a date. First of all, the ultrasound showed that everything is perfectly know, 2 kidneys, perfect spine, pumping heart, etc. We didn't find out too many details other than everything looked good, but we will get the full "report" from the ultrasound at our next appt. After the ultrasound, we had a great visit with the midwife. Then we went to a great Mexican restaurant that we had never been to before. Then, of course, we rushed back to our kids that we missed. :) I am usually never in pictures...or rarely in pictures. I'm usually the one taking them. But, today it's all about me. :) No, but seriously, I am in every last picture...crazy. So, here are the pictures of the ultrasound and date...

Here we are in the middle of the ultrasound. Can't really see much on the screen, but it's a cute little baby...take our word for it.

This is taken right in front of the birthing center where I see my midwife. Isn't it a pretty street?

This is our "too hot" shot. The "too hot" sign with the "too hot" Mama in front of it. That's sarcasm, by the way. And, I am poking it out a little...I look really big in the picture, but there is a poke involved.

Eating our great Mexican meal with my husband...great date. Great night...can't get much better...seeing your unborn baby move around on a TV and then going out for chips and salsa (and much more food) with your husband. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Michawn,
I really enjoyed all your pictures and your comments.
Janet : )

Anonymous said...

What a super cute website! It was really fun looking at pics of you and the kiddos. You and Joel sure do make cute kids!!! Dave and I are excited for you two about having another precious baby.

If you guys are in Dallas any time give us a call!