Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Addition (cont.)

The kids were very surprised to see the kitty cat in our house...and delighted of course. This is Joel showing the cat her toy. I had a cat before and didn't buy her a thing...just a litter box and food. But, a kitten is different...especially when you live in a house with very nice leather couches. We are trying to avoid declawing her...and don't really want to do that until we spay her anyhow (which will not be anytime soon). So, we got her a scratching post/play area and some toys to keep her happy and occupied.

Hadley petting Sassy.

The kids and Sassy. Hadley is talking to her, as she does to all animals.

Lazy cat...flat on her back. After they saw her for awhile and played in "her room," we closed the door and let her sleep some more. She never got out of her bed the whole time the kids were in there. She had had a rough 24 hours though...being taken away from her family, sleeping outside alone last night, playing HARD with Grady this morning outside, getting shots, getting medicine by mouth, and getting a bath. She seems happy and content though. And the kids just LOVE her.


Ali Elam said...

Congrats on the new kitty! Coleman wants a puppy..we are considering it! :) Cute pics!

Cristie said...

Hey Michawn, Cute pictures. Was glad to see your post as I am having trouble getting to sleep.

jatlhwI said...

cats are awesome! especially kittens.

Anonymous said...

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