Thursday, May 11, 2006

Potty Training

Yep, it's that time folks. Grady was 2 in January and it is just really time to start the process. He's shown signs of being ready, so it wouldn't be like I was just totally springing something on him when he's not at all ready. The problem is that we are pretty much homeless. :) I mean, we haven't sold the house, so we still have a home, but we aren't there all the time. We are in Saline alot. And, of course we spent that whole month in Dallas. When we do sell the house, who knows where we will go then. I really kind of wanted to be in one spot for a while to do the whole potty training thing. I was planning on doing it when we were in Missouri for about 3-4 months...but, we are no longer going to Missouri...more on that later. I figured moving around so much would be enough to handle without adding the potty training. But, we might just have to get a special little potty chair and let that be the common denominator for Grady...just take that little chair everywhere.

I really would like Grady to be out of diapers by the time the new baby comes, too. Actually, the truth is that I'd be fine keeping my kids in diapers until they're about 12...I dread going to public restrooms with them with a passion. But, I guess it must be done. And, since it must be done, I'd like for it to be done before October...mostly done at least anyhow.

What do you all think? I am taking any and every suggestion for potty training. I wanted to get that book, "Potty Training in One Day" or whatever it is called, but just never have. So, give me your tips and experiences. I'd love to gather some wisdom from you all.


Anonymous said...

tell him a monster will eat him if he doesn't start using the toilet. that's worked wonders for all of my children.

judy said...

i think the last comment is brilliant and i'm sorry i had to potty train 5 kids without that tip(assuming they are all potty trained). seriously, age 3 is a good potty training time for most boys. make it easy on yourself. they practically do it themselves when they are ready. stand up to peer pressure. brag about how OLD your kids were before being trained!

Nena said...

I agree with Judy. If he doesn't respond just let it go. Boys seem to do better at about three. A wise doctor once told a mother he didn't know of any children who started to school in diapers and taking a bottle - our family did know one first-grader that still took a bottle. HAHAHA