Saturday, May 27, 2006

Picnic and Water Park

After we went flying on Wednesday, we went by and grabbed some Bodacious bar-b-q and headed to the park for a little picnic and play. We went to the one with the water fountain a mini water park. It was fun. Here are some pictures...

Joel and the kids in the water fountain area. So fun. You can't really see it, but Grady's face is VERY dirty. He let go and fell face first off the merry-go-round. We found out after he'd had a bath and a nap that his face was also bruised. Hadley is always dirty and Grady is always banged up. :)

Joel taking Grady for a run through the water. Isn't that a fun water contraption?

Hadley's turn.

All wet now...and Hadley seems to be a little chilly.

There are spickets/fountains in the ground and Joel showed the kids how to step on them. They liked it.

More stepping on the water.

Hadley in her hat. Actually, it's Grady's hat, but she was borrowing it.

Walking back to the car, Hadley was holding on tight. Notice Grady lolly-gagging in the background. Hadley had lost her hat and he picked it up for her...that's what he's carrying; that and a huge cup from lunch.

Joel started dancing around and Hadley was laughing so hard...wish you could hear laughter through pictures.

Bathtime after the it's time for a nap.


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