Friday, May 12, 2006

Saline Pictures...Trip to Get Car - Part 2

The last of the pictures from this particular trip to Saline.

The kids loving the water.

More loving. Aren't they cute?

The swimming family portrait.

Me and my little fish of a daughter.

A very sweet picture of father and daughter on the dock.

Joel put Hadley down on his legs to swing her back and forth. She loved it.

Grady's turn on the swing.

Papaw has chicken houses, so we had to go over and see the chickens. The kids had never gone over there for some reason...I guess the times we have been there they are either without chickens or we just don't have time...whatever. Anyhow, I think they thought it was very interesting. Here was the first peek into the chicken houses...and first introduction to a chicken there.

I love Hadley's expression in this picture. She wasn't too sure about that chicken at first, but then they got used to it...

and they started getting friendly with the chicken.

Looking in at all those chickens. Each house (Daddy has 4) holds 15,000 chickens. That's a lot of chickens.

Hadley has become VERY attached to Papaw. When he's around, nobody else will do. She just hugs and hugs on him.

Grady climbing one of the feeders.

Running back to the car with Papaw.


Anonymous said...

did the monster idea work yet?

kristin said...

we want to see some belly!

Ali Elam said...


Happy birthday tomorrow! Hope your birthday is really awesome! Be sure to post on your blog and let me know how you celebrate your special day! How's your pregnancy going? Feeling good? I'd love an update and a belly picture! :) I think you are past the 20 week mark!?! Wow, your pregnancy is flying by! Can't wait to find out if your having a baby boy or baby girl this time! :)