Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saline Pictures Part 5

Here are the rest of the Easter day pictures.

Thank goodness for Ariel. Here is Hadley finally getting to test out the water. All the kids got to get in the lake a bit. Ahh...they loved it.

Grady's turn.

Skylar's turn.

Kiley's turn.

Hadley...back in the water.

She couldn't get enough. She even went into the all-out sprawl position. And, Grady decided he wanted more too.

Whatever Colby was doing was mighty funny. If you can't tell, Grady is doubling over in laughter. Also, can you find Hadley?

Grady used to ADORE being pulled in the wagon by Uncle Vernon around their house. Uncle Vernon would stop and he would beg to go more. Well, today was Hadley's turn in the wagon. What follows are just a few pictures of her wagon time. Here she is very pensive.

Grady posing in the grass. Gosh, isn't it so pretty there on the lake?

Grady wasn't interested in the wagon that, he wanted a more manly pose for his pictures. He LOVES tractors of any sort.

Hadley laughing...the first part of her laughing...note the next picture.

Hadley would laugh and laugh and then put her head down like whatever she was laughing about was just too funny to stay sitting up straight.

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judy said...

what wonderful , beautiful children and what an idyllic place to grow up