Saturday, May 20, 2006

Working at Granny's

Joel found out that he was going to take his check ride on the 5th. So, on the 7th me and the kids went to Saline. These, and the next 3 posts, are pictures from the week we spent there.

This is at Granny Hough's. Hadley likes to get this bowl and another toy and "stir." She's a little cook already.

Working hard in the driveway.

Grady shoveling.

Grady being the foreman. Those were some hot and dirty kiddos playing in that yard.

In the yard...Grady and Granny at the heater, Hadley just hanging out having fun. She was being so goofy here...just walking around laughing, trying to dodge the camera. She thought she was just SO funny. :)

"Look at the moon," she's saying.

Hadley cracking up.

Grady helping Granny take wood from the wood pile to the wood heater. He's a hard worker, with a smile on his face.

Man on a mission.

Grady feeding Uncle Tucker's horse, Miss Priss.

Grady looking over at the fruit of his labor...the horse enjoying his meal.

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