Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Addition

No, sillies...not the baby...remember, I'm not due 'til October. :) On Memorial Day we went down the street and got a kitten from our neighbors who had 4 kittens they were giving away. They were all gray with white feet, except for the one we got. We got a girl who happens to be polydactile. That just means that she has more toes than usual...ours has 7 toes on each front paw. Crazy huh? Apparently it was her dad who gave her this trait. We were told that her dad was an orange tabby and her mom is a siamese mix (although she doesn't look like the siamese a white long-haired cat).

Since she has those big front feet, the family had started calling her "Sasquatch," but we weren't too fond of that. The name did fit logically though, so we just shortened it to Sassy. She was born April 8th, which makes her about 7 weeks old. She's a cutie and so sweet and patient with the kids. It's a good thing too...they are SUPER excited and tend to definitely show it.

There were more pictures that I wanted to post, but couldn't get them to upload. So, maybe some other time I will post the ones of us actually going down the street to pick her up. Anyhow, enjoy the ones that we did get loaded up. Be sure to read "New Addition" and also "New Addition (cont.)." And...thanks so much for the comments from you all letting me know that you are indeed checking out our site and I'm not wasting my time. :) I appreciate your feedback.

Grady still marveling over the idea of carrying this cute little thing home for good.

Me, the kids, and the cat. I love the kids' expressions in this picture.

Feeding the cat. Grady just feeding Sassy, Hadley making sure the water is the right temperature. :)

This was taken yesterday morning, when we all got up. The kitty was still sleeping on her "bed."

The kids were napping and the cat decided it was her naptime too. We set up her stuff in the empty, what used to be, study...her bed (much better than the outside bed), litter box, food/water, climbing/scratch area, and toys. I think she'll be happy here. :)

The kids coming into the room where the kitty was after their naps. They were excited to see her there.


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