Sunday, May 21, 2006

Random Saline Shots 1

Some have asked how the pregnancy is going, so I thought I'd give a quick update. Everything is going great. I am now 5 months/20 weeks along...exactly halfway. We have our ultrasound tomorrow evening, but of course won't find out the sex of the baby.

This pregnancy has been different in some ways. One of the ways was the baby's movement. It was really weird...with this baby I just didn't feel him (we think it is a boy and it's just easier to say him or her, so I'm just going to call it a "he," okay?) for a long time. With Grady I felt him at 14 weeks and with Hadley I felt her at 9 1/2 weeks...both pretty early. I was assuming I would feel this baby around the same time. And, looking back I did, but it just wasn't nearly as pronounced as with the other 2, and not consistent at all...I never knew for sure whether it was a baby, or like gas or something. :) But, I am pleased to say that he is moving quite nicely now...and I even felt him kick my hand last Monday night for the 1st time. So, he seems to be doing fine in there.

One thing that is very different with this pregnancy is that I am broken out like a little 13-yr. old schoolgirl. I never actually had acne or anything like it growing up...I've decided I don't like it at all. :)

Another thing that is different is that I am still running. With the other 2, I stopped running early on. With Grady, I just didn't feel comfortable running with even the smallest bump on my belly. Apparently I'm used to that feeling now that I've been pregnant for the most part of the past 3 years, so that doesn't bother me anymore. With Hadley they told me that my heart rate shouldn't get over 140, which my heart rate definitely does. So, I stopped running. I have since found out that that isn't accurate and was even ruled out of the ACOG guidelines for pregnancy long ago. So, I'm still running and loving it. I ran 3 miles this morning, but usually only run 2 - 2.5. It's been nice and I actually feel much better staying that active. And that of course has helped curb extra weight gain.

Anyhow, so that's the update on pregnancy. Any other questions, just let me know.

Now, here are just some more pictures...

I don't remember if this was after Tucker's athletic banquet or academic banquet (or maybe after both??), but these were some of his trophies. The kids looked them over really good before he put them up. I think those were their first trophies to ever handle.

A morning with Granny. Our kids are super snuggly in the mornings (esp. Hadley) and Granny gets to capitalize on that.

Hadley and her "purses." I don't carry a purse, so it was just really funny to see her doing this...although, I'm sure Grady would have done the same thing at that age when given a couple of gift bags...he just wouldn't have looked quite so prissy. :) She carried these around on her shoulders and arms for a long time.

Grady in couch potato mode.

For awhile one day, Hadley insisted on having this hat on. It's left over from their birthday party in February.

This is at Granny Hough's house. Here Hadley is playing with a toy that belonged to me when I was a baby.

Jared came home for the weekend. It was good to see him...haven't seen him since Thanksgiving. Jared is in charge of a stray facility in Lawton, OK where he lives. This border collie was there one day. Tucker had a border collie for a few years, but then it disappeared I think about a year ago or so. Well, so Jared brought this dog home to Tucker when he came. The kids were getting introduced here. Jared, made the blog! :)

We went to the Munch Box to eat. Grady had the camera and took a ton of pictures...don't you just love digital cameras that have a "delete" button? He had pretty good aim. Some of the pictures he took were VERY, VERY funny, but the people in those pictures would definitely appreciate it that I don't post those pictures for the whole worldwide web to see. This picture and all to follow today are some of Grady's pictures.


Ali Elam said...

Wow, you're awesome! Can't believe you are still running! Very impressed! Thanks for the pregnancy update! :)

Anonymous said...

I think Grady is a natural photographer. Uncle Vernon would be proud! I'm still learning the whole "Digital" thing, maybe he can give me a few tips next time ya'll are home.

Love yall-----Amanda

Mama said...

Thanks a lot, Michawn!