Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Too Much"

Whenever I used to randomly tell Grady, "You know what? I love you," he would just smile and go about his business. One day recently he up and said, "No, I love you Mama." So then we made it into a game...where we get louder and louder and "argue" who loves the most. He points his little finger at me and yells to the top of his lungs, debating his point most adamantly.

One of Grady's favorite things to do is run. He'll run to the other end of the room in a sprint and then say, "Mama, I run too fast." I think that he is really substituting the word "too" for "so." It's super cute though. Well, last night at bedtime we were all in their room and I was laying on Grady's bed with the kids. Grady started the game with me where we get louder and louder. We played that and then went on to read and talk about other things. Then, out of the blue, Grady said, "Mama, I love you too much." Ahh...I melted like butter.

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