Monday, June 19, 2006

Saline VBS Trip - Part 2 (cont.)

We looked over and Grady and Hadley had set up residence in the nearest dirt pile. I'm so glad they play well together (most of the time). I'm sure they'll be best friends since they are so close in age. They already are, but esp. after Hadley starts talking they will really be able to have fun together.

Grady's grin and Hadley's forever dirty mouth...2 of the greatest things ever. :)

Playing on the playground after we ate. The kids are both in blue...Hadley on the left and Grady on the right. We felt like we were in another country at this park. It's kind of more in the Hispanic part of town. It was great.

Hadley is such a big girl these days. Here she is going up the stairs to the slide.

Grady on the bars with Daddy.

Hadley at the top of the slide.

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