Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saline VBS Trip - Part 1

Well, finally some pictures from our week in Saline. We went there on Monday, the 5th so Grady could go to Vacation Bible School there. It was a great time for him. Joel came and met up with us on Friday, the 9th and we hung out there until Sunday afternoon. These are some pictures from that time, although you will have to be persistent and keep scrolling down. They are in a total of 3 different posts...that's the only way I could get all the pictures in this time for some weird reason...whatever. So, "Saline VBS Trip - Part 1"...look for 3 of them total and be sure to check them all out. Thanks.

Grady's first experience marching in at Vacation Bible School. Gillian (my 1st cousin) is right in front of him and Tucker is right beside him. He also had 4 other family members there, so it wasn't like he was with total strangers or anything. Still, he wasn't too sure about it all at first. But, he ended up loving it.

Singing together. I think Grady is wondering what is going on.

Coloring in class with Uncle Tucker (pre-haircut) and his new friends.

I wore these gloves in a wedding (Rebecca Domangue Danos) and they were out for some reason. Hadley decided she needed to put them on. Playing dress-up already.

The outfit that Grady has on was Tucker's outfit when he was little, so I thought I'd take a picture of them together...Tucker after his haircut by the way (although his head is cut off in this picture...oops). He and his best friend Jody cut their hair and plan to grow it out all summer.

Aunt Cheryl really gets into Vacation Bible School. The theme for the week was "Arctic Edge." I think that day they were going "dog sledding" or something like that. Fun.

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