Friday, June 23, 2006

June 12-20, 2006 - Random Shots

I feel the need to clarify something since I've been asked about it several times. We are still in our house at the same address: 516 Noel Dr. We are trying to sell our house and we have been spending a good bit of time in Saline the past couple of months. But, we still live in Longview, in the house that we are trying to sell. Just wanted to let everyone know that.

Now, here are some pictures (in 2 installments...keep scrolling down to get the total of 2 posts).

Our kids are really into coloring these days. Actually, they are more into the "idea" of coloring I think, because once we start coloring, it doesn't last very long. And, Hadley still likes to occasionally do taste tests with the different colors. But, here is Grady getting a little help from Sassy.

Hadley at breakfast (and our table). Grady took this picture. I just thought it was cute...Hadley's expression.

Grady and his raisins. I remember feeling sorry for Jeffery and Ariel because that was one of their snacks. We never had raisins so I never developed a taste for them (don't tell my kids). But, they are a good healthy snack for our kids and they LOVE them. Note: I do love raisins in things (oatmeal, some meals), but not by themselves. :)


Mama said...

We did have raisins - in the little individual boxes that looked like the big boxes. You just never wanted any. I don't like raisins so I never made you eat them. I can eat raisins in some things but not many. I love Raisin Bran though.

Michawn said...

Apparently I've blocked out the unhappy memory of those boxes of raisins. :)