Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Down Side

O.K., a few days ago I posted about how I love every stage and every thing about being a parent. Well, I totally lied. I was reminded of that yesterday. Let me tell you what I don't love...when they are sick.

Hadley had been running a low-grade fever (we never checked it or anything...she just felt warm so we suspect it was in fever range) for a few days on and off. She never acted sick or anything and is now cutting all of her jaw teeth...we just kind of contributed it to that. She had a runny nose, but again...teething...and it was clear.

Well, she woke up yesterday morning but when we went down to get her she was just laying there in her bed. I went to pick her up and she was burning up. I took her temperature and it was 103.3. Not exciting.

She basically slept all day. I gave her water, as much as she would take. She did pretty good with that. She got up a couple of times just to snuggle and throw up a little of the water. Her temp. remained around 103 all day, with the occasional dip down to 102.

At suppertime she got up and saw Grady eating and wanted some. I gave her part of a roll. She took a few bites and then threw up. Joel gave her a bath and after her bath she seemed to perk up a little and her temp. went down. She was sitting with me and got down on her own accord (which she hadn't done all day), walked to her chair at the table, and told her (in her own wordless words) that she was still hungry. So, Joel sat her down and gave her half a banana and some applesauce, which she ate heartily...and kept down. She also drank a few sips of apple juice and some water.

After she ate is was time for bed and she went right down again. When we went to bed, we put her in the room with us by our bed on a pallet. Her fever had climbed again and when I woke up at midnight to check her, it was 104.5. We decided at that point to go ahead and give her some Tylenol. She also downed a glass of water. She woke up a few times after that...we all slept restlessly and very little it seems. But, this morning she woke up a new person. Whatever was in her body that the fever was trying to kill...hopefully it is gone. She woke up with no fever and a big appetite...and raring to go. Let's hope she stays that way.


Ali Elam said...

Glad to hear Hadley's feeling better today! :) Hope you guys get a lot more sleep tonight!

SUZ said...

Hey Michawn,
just so you have something to look forward to in the future.....my kids are 19 and 22 and it's still so awful being a parent and watching your kids suffer through illness......and heartache. Life just keeps getting better!!!!