Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Yep, after 4 months of nobody in our family having a job, Joel became a working man. Lest you think we are just lazy bums, let me explain that we have been completely busy all this time and not just laying around on the couch eating chocolate and watching movies (although that sounds pretty good too...but that would get old really fast). :) We've been spending ALOT of time with family. Joel's family came in February (right after he became unemployed) and stayed a week. Then we got ready for and had a huge garage sale at our house. We spent March in Dallas...and the first week of April. We came back home to Longview and spent the week of Easter in Louisiana with my family. That is when we also found out about Asas de Socorro and started the application process...filling out that application was like a job in itself. We've been very busy getting the house in order and showing it constantly, doing everything from stripping and painting window trim to replacing toilet tanks...not to mention all of the sorting, organizing, purging, and packing involved with preparing for this type of move. Anyhow, tons more that we've been doing, but on to the job.

Last week Joel went out to Gladewater airport to check out a small flight school that is based there. He actually got offered a few flight students that very day, but wanted to make sure that was what he was supposed to do. After praying about it more he decided that he was supposed to pursue this, telling the students that we are trying to sell our house and if/when we do, he might not be able to be the one to finish their flight training. Anyhow, so he had his first student yesterday...a one-time deal where the regular flight instructor was going out of town...basically he was a "sub" for that flight instructor. Today he met with another student...a 17-yr. old guy who wants to get his private pilot's license by the end of the summer, so that is a pretty good pace...a nice steady job in the world of flight instructing. This guy's family is buying their own airplane and they are all getting their flight licenses. So, there might even be a possibility to teach the whole family.

Anyhow, so just wanted to let you all know about what Joel is up's exciting and he is really enjoying it ALOT. He loves being paid to do what he really loves to do. It's really fun for him.

The kids and I are in Saline. Grady is going to Vacation Bible School this fun. He will have a commencement ceremony on Friday night. Joel will be coming to Saline to meet up with us Thursday night/Friday morning. We will probably hang out at the lake Saturday and go back to Longview Saturday evening. Fun stuff.

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Ali Elam said...

Hope you have fun in Saline with the kids! Congrats on Joel's new job as a flight trainer!