Monday, June 19, 2006

Saline VBS Trip - Part 2 (cont. again)

Coming down...very excited.

John Alexander Graves. While we were in Saline, Nicole gave birth to him...on June 9th. He was about 4 days old in this picture. He's so sweet and cute.

Here are all the Graves kids...Hannah (8), John Alexander (9 days old in this picture) sitting with Joseph (6), Sarah (will be 3 in October), and Rebekah (was 1 in January).

Me and John Alex (what I call him). Sarah (his 2 1/2 yr. old sister) calls him John Xander. It's cute. :)

John and Joel have a running "joke" vs. soccer. We had to get the little guy a little soccer ball. John appreciated it. That is Sarah (Grady's age...his future wife :) ) and Joseph (he was a newborn when I lived with the Graves'...he's 6 now.

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