Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pets and Water

Finally some more pictures...and lots of them. Get ready.

You will see pictures of Brushy Creek towards the end of this post. It is a "beach" and picnic area on Lake 'O the Pines. I used to go there all the time when I was single and living here in Longview. Let me tell is infinitely more involved taking 2 toddlers to the lake. :) When I was single, during the summers I always wore my bathing suits as underwear...I went swimming practically every day and if I wasn't planning on it, there was always the possibility. I LOVE the water. I always had a blown up raft and a towel in the trunk of my car...although if I didn't have a towel, that never stopped me...I would just air-dry. All I had to do was grab lunch or a snack on the way to the lake and I would be set.

Not so now. We had picnic stuff, a wagon, a big blanket, drinks, 2 little chairs, 3 beach bags full of towels, sunscreen, snacks, etc. It was a little different going to Brushy Creek this time. But, we had so much fun. We plan to do it again this Saturday.

Anyhow, enjoy the pictures. These were all taken a couple of weeks ago. More to come the next couple of days from last week.

Hadley modeling her new shoes. They are sort of slanted wedges...Joel calls them her heels. They're really cute. I just thought it was cute how she was walking around in them.

Grady holding Sassy up.

Hadley had to join in on the couch with her pet...a little stuffed dog.

Grady and Sassy on Grady's blanket. Sassy thinks it is her blanket when it is on the floor.

Family washing the car.

Grady helping to wash.

Hadley doing her share too. After Joel left her, Hadley kept going to the bucket and getting suds and scrubbing the car (in that same spot) with her hands too...she worked hard.

The kids getting soaked...esp. Hadley since Grady was the one with the hose.

When you ask Hadley if she's cold, she does this (tightens up and shakes)...doesn't matter if she's really cold or not. She happened to be cold here though.

Mmmm...yummy sponge.

The kids and Joel in the shady part of the beach at Brushy Creek.

Lounging in there chairs enjoying their apples before their swim. Thanks for their chairs, Aunt Marilyn Williams.

Grady and Hadley swimming with Daddy...on his back. You can see their floats in the far left of the picture. They ditched those early on and just wanted to play freely in the water. They swallowed a lot of water, but had a good time in the shallow part there. They LOVED it.

Grady loving the water.

Hadley loving the water.

Pretty girl on her way to church.

Grady and his friend watching a good movie.

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