Monday, June 12, 2006

Kid Stuff and Limbo

We made it back to Longview from Saline last night. It was a great time and Grady thoroughly enjoyed himself in Vacation Bible School. Hadley had fun just playing at Granny's house too of course. And we all had ALOT of fun going to the lake. Saline lake = paradise. :)

The kids are SO funny these days. Hadley has really started showing her emotions...specifically her anger and frustration...and specifically as related to Grady. It's quite funny to watch, although of course requires some attention and correction. They take things from each other and it's really hard to know who had what's not like I can watch them every second. Hadley has resorted to biting whenever she gets mad. She's only done it a couple of times so far, but has done it. She used to just clench her fists, yell, and run away when she got she bites. She has gone from flight to fight I guess. Anyhow, we are working through the sibling rivalry thing (don't plan to allow that with our kids...we know it is looked on as normal and is a normal thing to go through, but we believe kids can be trained to not accept that as normal), but even this we love to see. We are enjoying every stage and every step they move through. So fun.

Now, for the "limbo" part of the post. As you all know, we are still trying to sell the house. Last week we started showing the house with a man who handles financing. He is able to advertise and bring in a group of prospective buyers who would usually not hear about our house or even be eligible to get financing (they are people with less than perfect credit). Anyhow, we are showing the house every Tuesday and Thursday. We have some good leads, but still no official buyer or anything. So, continue to pray for that.

Also, the applications that we sent to Brazil 4 weeks ago today have still not arrived. Our contact there said that it only usually takes 2 weeks for mail to arrive from the States, so it is a little out of the ordinary. But, we are in fact dealing with international travel to a 3rd world society, so we are giving it another week. Thankfully we made copies of our applications and all, so we would just have to fax it all to them if they don't arrive, but we are just praying that they arrive in the next few days.

Just a little update today...will post pictures from the last couple of weeks later.


Ken said...

Joel, Michawn,
We had a really busy weekend. Pr Lou got married. Martin Grandparent, Rose and Judy were here for Priscilla's graduation.
We had party in our backyard, after the 2PM graduation yesterday.
Then Pam and I went to a viewing of the sister of Brother Emile.
About the sibling rivalry. Keep at it for they can learn to be kind one to another.

sippincoffee-suz said...

Hey Michawn,
we too were told that sibling rivalry was normal and to let nature take its course. We chose not to. We made them work things out and they both learned the word "compromise" at a very early age. We always felt that learning to work things out with people that you loved, would help them out with conflict in the future with people that are hard to love. We're pleased with the outcome. Hang in there.