Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saline VBS Trip - Part 1 (cont.)

We went to one of Tucker's softball games while we were there. It was a lot of fun. My friend, Mavis, from high school, has a little girl who is a few months older than Grady. She decided to give her sucker to him and he of course accepted it with delight. Here he is showing it off. We ate supper at the game...a real treat for the kids. Grady ate a corn dog and some fries...and his sucker. Little bitty Hadley continues to amaze us with her scarfing abilities. She ate a whole thing of fries by herself and 2 corndogs...2!! Crazy.

Friday night was commencement for Vacation Bible a graduation of sorts where the parents get to hear the songs they learned and visit their classrooms and see what all they made (and take it home). This was taken at commencement. Uncle Vernon was standing behind us taking pictures. Hadley saw him and kept smiling and waving at him, and at one point wanted him to hold he did.

Grady's class got up and sang a short song. Grady didn't seem to notice though. He was running back and forth on the stage. :) But, only a few kids joined in part of the song...the rest of the time they were all just dancing and running up there. It was cute. You can't even see Grady in this picture...he's behind someone running.

Joel keeping the kids happy. Hadley is looking at pictures of her and Grady.

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