Monday, July 03, 2006

Progress and Paradise Resort

Progress - Our house now has a contract on it and it is in Escrow as of Friday. So, we will be closing on it at least by the 30th, but possibly even as early as 2 weeks...that is if everything goes through according to ours and the buyers' plans. So, we are very excited and ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers concerning our next step.

Paradise Resort - We are in Saline right here Friday night. We are staying for about a week and a half, so when planning to come, we decided to try to stay in this house on the lake. Most of you know, I consider Saline Lake "paradise." Well, it worked out for us to stay there and make a real vacation out of our time here. It is AWESOME. It's a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom house that is in a big patch of woods about 150 feet from the water. There are tons of huge windows in this house and a big, wonderful deck on the front of it overlooking the trees and lake. You just go down some steps off the deck and walk down a trail to the lake where there is a great place to swim. It's SO great...just the wonderful vacation we needed. Ahh...we are loving it. So, that's what we are doing these days. We had a great family reunion on Saturday and then this week there are tons of events leading up to the big annual world-famous Saline Watermelon Festival. :) It should be a week full of fun. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures for you all to see soon.

If there are sporadic posts these days though, that is why...we have no computer access where we are staying, so we just get to a computer occasionally. We are doing great though and having a wonderful little Saline vacation.


Ali Elam said...

Have a great time at the lake house! What a treat a family vacation right at the lake! Enjoy!

Pam said...

Michawn, I trust you didn't let us down and won the watermelon seed spitting title for this year. I've told lots of people, my patients, what a wonderful girl your are and that you've often won that title also. It leaves them speechless as most of them never heard of a watermelon seed spitting contest, that is an official one.
I spoke with a local nurse who knows some midwives in the area. When she gets some info ,ll pass it on to you. Also I,ll see Dr. Eric tomorrow ,see if he knows any Christian midwife.
We're so glad you have a delightful retreat house-for how long ?
I hope you'll get to the mountains mid July however I realize that would be nothing short of a miracle. much love to you and yours. Mum

Ps we got a wagon for Grady and Hadley and Alexa.