Monday, July 24, 2006

Wow...What Else?

Today has been a little bit interesting. We started out the day great. Joel didn't have students until 3, so we had a whole morning with him and to really knock out some packing/organizing. As we started to pack, I decided to go ahead and go get some more storage bins.

We went to Lowe's, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart. On our way back, we noticed that the engine was beginning to run a little hot. It wasn't to the red yet, but we were glad we were almost home. We got back to our house around 1:30 or so. Joel went down to the car around 2:30 to check it out right before he left to go to work. Guess what...yep, the engine block is cracked. EEEEEEEEKK!

Also, our fridge is going out. It's a relatively new fridge...really nice. We are hoping it is something very simple that Joel can just fix himself, but something like a broken fridge/freezer is a bit urgent. All the food (including a lot of chicken and fish that we just bought) is going to go bad soon if not taken care of. Another EEEEEEEEKK!

On a lesser note, I did the dishes right before Joel went to check on the car. We thought we had left the kitchen fairly clean before we left to go to Saline on Friday, but apparently failed to rinse out one pot...the worst one we could have forgotten. You see, it had had chicken soup in it. The pot had the lid on it. I just don't know how this happens, but there were little crawling creatures in it when I opened it up to wash. Yes, my favorite thing and yours...maggots. Can we say disgusting?

So, yes...a few very lovely things have happened today. :)

On a super-terrific note, we have a place to stay here in E. Texas so that we can have the baby here with our midwife. A couple that go to our church here have a guest house that they let missionaries stay in when needed. So, they have so graciously offered this place to us for the few weeks that we will need it. What an answer to prayer! And, it's so super cute and nice too. We are very excited.

So, I made light of our "bad day," but seriously be praying for us, that this all gets worked out. Pray that Joel will be able to figure out the refrigerator/freezer and how to fix it. And, about the car...pray that we just take the right steps. Do we replace the engine and keep our Saturn (we only have 6 more months or so before we go overseas)? Do we go ahead and get some kind of used bigger vehicle (we are definitely running out of room in our little bitty car, esp. since we are about to add the 3rd carseat to the's already a very big challenge to take a trip in it with our luggage and all). Does anyone know of anyone who wants to give away a good minivan or SUV? :)

Welp, off to pack some more...out of the house in a week from today.

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