Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Brighter Days

Just wanted to post and give you an update on our "bad day" on Monday.

The fridge: Joel called a fridge repair service and told them what was going on. They weren't going to be able to come out here until today (Wednesday...he called Monday) and so they told Joel what he could do to fix least temporarily, but maybe long-term. So, Joel did what the man said and all is well with our fridge. That was super nice of that guy who definitely knew his stuff. And, great that we didn't have to dish out $150. Yay for cold food!

The car: Well, one of Joel's students flew him over to Jonesboro, LA yesterday. Daddy picked up Joel and took him to Saline. There, Joel picked up Mama's van (which they are trying to sell, so it is not in use) and we are going to use that for the next week or so until we leave for Boston. So, we have wheels again at least. Our car...I think we might donate it to a mission's organization here in town. It's been a good little car to me though, for 10 years now. Awww...I'm getting a little weepy.

The maggots: I just cleaned them out...disgusting, but no huge deal. :)

We are in full-fledged packing mode now...and I mean FULL-FLEDGED. So, that's all for now. The boxes are calling my name.


jatlhwI said...

ugh, maggots are nasty! I hate when that happens.

Steph said...

Girl, it is amazing that you can keep your sence of humor in times like that!