Thursday, July 20, 2006


We have started the packing process. Well, in truth...we have started the thinking about packing process. :) I've been organizing and trashing things all day, but no actual putting of the stuff into boxes. Maybe Monday that will start. Monday, by the way, marks only a week we have to move out of this great house. We love this house so much, but it's so crazy how when it's time to go it's time to go. You just know it. Thank God I'm not a clingy-type person...He made me just right for what He has us doing. That's so good. I would be completely emotional all the time if He hadn't wired me that way. As I've mentioned before, we've been married 5 1/2 years and this is our 5th move. And, these next few months will be more and more moving about. Craziness.

Just an overview of the next few months...tentative as usual. Our lives seem to be out-of-this-world "tentative"...and our tentative plans are tentative up until the very day usually. But, here are the tentatives...

July 31st - move out of house and go to Saline
Aug. 2nd or 3rd - fly to Boston to visit Joel's family
Aug. 21st - 26th - Joel and I go to Brazil to visit the organization and Joel will
get evaluated
Aug. 28th or so - back to Saline/E. TX
Sept. 14th - if not already back in E. TX, will travel back to stay in E. TX until
after the baby is born
Oct. 16th - probably before this a bit, but depending on when the baby decides to
show up (due the 6th), we hope to be back in Saline by this point

Then, from then until the holidays we will be living in Saline (not sure what will happen after that, until the tentative date of February for moving to Brazil). We have a couple of options for housing in Saline. There is the possibility of a rent house to stay in. But, then there is also the option of possibly buying our own place. This would be good for 2 reasons (at least): 1) we would have our own place to stay in, not just now, but also somewhere to come back to on our furloughs, and 2) we would be able to have somewhere to put our stuff (beds, living room/dining room furniture that we still have, other random things) without having to sell it or pay for storage. We are actually traveling to Saline tomorrow to look into that option of a place to purchase. We'll keep you posted and I will let you all know what we found out Monday. Have a great weekend!


AUNY said...

So, you would rent out the house in Saline while you are gone or no? I would think that housing is really cheap in Saline as well. Remember that you could always come and visit us. I don't know if that is too far to travel with the kids, but the offer is there. We'll definately plan to see you during the holidays.

Ken Ebersole said...

We are looking forward :) to having you all with us here. It will be great. May God bless you in your transition. As far as moving once every year, you are getting good preparation for missionary service. I once counted the times I moved in my life and divided by how old I was and I found I moved an average every years and a half.
Blessing to you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think it's awesome to see you guys being willing to live life on the edge, patiently waiting God's plans. It's such an insperation to me!
I really missed your family the other weekend at the mountains! Andre, Kristen, and Angela & Joe didn't make it either. It just wasn't the same with out you all!!
Jennifer Groff